Intel Graphics Cards Could Come In January + Oculus Moving Display?!

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  1. Aside from the fact that I doubt consumers are going to get anything before the server market does, I think 2019 is too early for Intel to show off an actual product. Sure, if Intel think they actually have something sufficiently revolutionary, they may be hurrying to beat the competition to the punch. Still, I doubt.
    Sort of eh about the driver report thingy – already got my update, days before this video. Anything major is worth reporting, tho, imo.

  2. Driver report only if there are important drivers updates, or new important drivers, only important things.
    Great videos!

  3. What everyone wonders is if a driver update is going to bring performance even if minimal. So if you are down to benchmark, I'll definitely watch.

  4. Finally the hotfix! Holy shit I thought my GPU was failing 🙂

  5. I am looking forward towards more competition. I am pretty certain Intel won’t pull the bullshit they usually do due to their non-dominant position in the GPU market.

  6. The prophecy, it is finally complete. The RGB cult… it shall finally be formed. CES 2019. Intel, AMD and Nvidia shall form a blood pact, join forces and then rule the computer world together!

  7. from the developers of the legendary intel i740 agp that barely could run quake III, comes a gpu that barely can run autocad! next year if this thing doesn't at least reaches rx580 performance it will be the joke of the year, don' want to know the price of this thing, i bet is aimed at cad/cam more than other tasks, competition to nvidia products on some fields but on games, no, this thing doesn't look interesting at all

  8. Did you change your microphone ? Your voice is different than usually… (You also speek faster 😀 )

  9. I wonder if they'd optimize their cards to support freesync as its an open standard.

  10. Intel wants a piece of the AI market
    they failed in the mobile business not sure how they'll fare better best of luck tho

  11. Less then 5% NEED a new GPU ! a GTX 1080(ti) is more then enough for most gamers !
    There is really NO need for new GPU's ! and AMD & Nvidia knows this ! So ….. NO NEW GPU's this year !

  12. Now that VIA is starting to make waves in China, maybe we'll have all four AQUUS colours with the return of S3 yellow.

  13. Great! more competition, better for consumers…can't wait to see what Intel has in-store for us.

  14. Now there will be RGB.
    Red For Amd.
    Green For Nvidia
    Blue For Intel xD

  15. Intel need to destroy AMD and NVIDIA if they want to enter this new market , but it won't happen…
    NVIDIA will have GTX1160 by end of the year , Intel will have about same performance GPU for a better price ? I can't belive Intel can beat GTX1180 no way …

  16. Would be great to see more alternatives to vga's other than nvidia and amd.

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