i5 8400 with GTX 1050Ti Gaming test | Will it play at high details ?

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Gtx 1050 Ti + i5 8400 gaming performance benchmarks. Tested in 15 Games at high/medium details. Is this combo enough for 1080p gaming ? Let’s find out !

15 Games @ High – Ultra settings 1920×1080

Shown Monitoring of i5 8400 total cpu usage, turbo clock speed of all cores, temperature & gtx 1050ti – gpu, vram usage, gpu temperature, frametime, framerate, graph, average, minimum fps.

00:01 battlefield 1 (bf1)
01:20 farcry primal
01:52 cs go counter strike global offensive
02:13 masseffect Andromeda
03:01 rise of the tomb raider
04:53 sniper elite 4
05:28 dishonored 2
06:11 arma 3
06:55 call of duty ww2
07:59 hellblade senua’s sacrifice
08:38 project cars 2
09:21 tom Clancy’s ghost recon wildlands
09:56 the witcher 3
10:38 rainbow six siege
11:09 gta v

Test system details:

Windows 10 build 1709 – latest update
intel i5 8400 coffeelake cpu 2.8 ghz base clock & 3.8 ghz all core speed
cpu cooler corsair h55 aio liquid cooler
gigabyte z370m d3h motherboard
Asus expedition gtx 1050ti 4gb oc graphic card
8GB x 2 – ddr4 Kingston predator 3200 MHz RAM



  1. WITH the gtx 1050 ti no cpu will be bottleneck i bet r3 1200 stock will run just like i5 8400 same as an g4560 would performs closely as well

  2. Great test,not too short and not too long mostly all games here

  3. now compare it with g4560 or athlon or especially vs r3 1200 and i5 8400 will lose

  4. core i5 8400 + GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti can playable game with High 30 FPS over not Lock 60 FPS, if you guys want to get 60 FPS or more for many games enjoyable.
    1. just choice game with under 2015 games
    2. for pc game above 2015 ( AAA games ) just buy CPU i7 4th gen until 8th gen. not CPU core i3 first gen or core i5 sixth Gen (they got bottleneck for GPU HIgh End )
    3. Buy GPU NVIDIA 10 series like 1060 6Gb (not 3GB) or above.
    4. RAM 32 GB
    5. such as COD WW2 and CS GO this game just only pc gamer low Budget. so yeah this video can handle it.
    in any case, if you want to get your game ( specially AAA game for the next 8 Years ) 60 FPS or more. just buy i7 4th gen until 8th gen and GPU 1070 or 1080, that's you can enjoyable to get 60 FPS.

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