I BOUGHT A WINDOWS LAPTOP?!! (Am I Leaving Linux?…) #Geekoutdoors.com EP708

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I just bought a Windows Laptop…has Microsoft Defeated me?!! And am I going to leave Linux and become a Microsoft Fanboy?…

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  1. nothing wrong with using all the os's man.i do the same thing well except mac because the only mac i have is a imac 2002

  2. i don't blame you, the price always helps. like you said,,,,,, INSTALL LINUX ON IT, even though its in virtual box…!!! 🙂

  3. I use Win at work. 32 GB emmc is pretty low for win10. There will not much left a lot for Linux disto… I am skeptical about a VM. Maybe try to use linux with an USB key, on the live mode.

  4. Boo Boo traider…your being tracked we better get off your channel

  5. Lol don't feel pressured to use only Linux like a fanboy cultist does with apple products. Use what you want man. If you like Windows AND Linux, more power to you bro. I use both myself, but mainly Windows.

  6. Nice laptop!! I hope you have a great time using it.

    Re. Ethernet – I always buy business class laptops for this reason.

    Nuke and pave and put Linux on it…there is never a good reason to run Shindows or Nac OS.

  7. This is a little of space for Win 10 on SSD, plus Linux .vdi in Virtualbox… No way. With all installed programs both at home OS and at guest OS.

  8. I think Debian (or derivated like Q4OS) would be a good place for your 2005 laptop.

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