HP Pavilion Power Gaming Laptop 15t Review – 2017 Low Cost with GTX 1050 !

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Buy one at HP: (affiliate link) – The Pavilion Power 15t is a great low cost gaming laptop with IPS 1080p display and decent battery life. A great back to school / college laptop. See more gaming laptops: and subscribe!

00:54 – Pricing – sale is back on!
01:10 – Display
01:41 – System specs
02:10 – Upgradeability
03:08 – GPU
03:20 – Battery life
03:41 – Weight
04:07 – Keyboard and trackpad
04:47 – Speakers
05:08 – Ports
05:45 – USB-C port
06:40 – Performance: Web browsing
06:55 – Performance: Web Browsing
07:24 – Browserbench.org Speedometer test
07:56 – Performance: Microsoft Office / Word
08:16 – Gaming: The Witcher 3
08:49 – Fan noise discussion
09:10 – Gaming: Street Fighter V
09:31 – Gaming: Rocket League
10:17 – Good for video editing, etc too
10:26 – 3Dmark Time Spy Benchmark
10:41 – Thermal performance
10:58 – Kodi and movie playback

Amazon link: (affiliate link)

HP always has one or two PCs in their lineup each year that fly under the radar but deliver tremendous value. This is one of those PCs. It’s too good of a deal at the current $689 sale price to pass up. The sale appears to be an on again / off again thing but definitely check the HP link! Even at its usual $820 or thereabouts price tag it’s a fair price for what you’re getting here.

Performance is good and on par with other sub $1000 gaming laptops we’ve looked with similar configurations. But unlike those the display on this one is so much better.

Find the Jelly Fish test video here:

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  1. Update on price – I indeed paid $689 for this one with the 1050 but it appears that this is now what they're selling the AMD version for. The 1050 version is $749.

  2. Does anyone know if this laptop is plastic or metal/aluminum? Just got mine yesterday

  3. HELP
    I have purchased this laptop and I notice that the fan are always on, regardless of the workload and it's pretty annoying. Is it normal or is it only my unit. I need a fast reply so that I can decide whether to return it, thanks.

  4. This laptop is for a classy gamer who wears a tie once in a while .

  5. I bought the same model for university (computer science) and bought a Samsung EVO 960 250GB mSATA and another 8GB RAM. Still waiting for the parcel 🙂

    Unfortunately I am not allowed to tell you the price because I got some HP connections and got a very very good deal!

    I am used to crappy speakers from my old MSI Gaming Notebook so thats not a dealbreaker for me

  6. got it for £750 here in uk …. exact spec as in video , very happy with it

  7. Got this laptop a couple of weeks ago and my fan temp stays around 90 degrees when I play games. And the fan is very loud. Does this happen to anyone else?

  8. Please compare this with Dell Inspiron 15 5000 – i5577

  9. How much more fps do you get between gtx 1050 2gb vs 1050 4gb both notebook ?????

  10. i bought mine with the same specs, but 6Gb of RAM please tell me do I need to purchase another 4gb Ram to make 8gb or not?? How much does that affect gaming performance?

  11. I got this laptop 4 days ago and I realized that the 1TB hard drive was making crackling noises. Anyone else have this issue?

  12. I just bought this one from HP wit the i5 and 4 gb of Nividia GTX 1050 Ti. So far the reviews are good. I have this computers grandfather the HP Pavilion Dv7 which is still going. That computer is extremely easy to upgrade.

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