HP Omen x 17t | Best Value GTX1080 Gaming Laptop | Unboxing + Benchmarks

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Quick review and unboxing of the new HP Omen x 17. With the benchmarks, it’s clear that its performance is unmatched vs similar laptops. It also provides several great customization options along with easy Overclocking as well.
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Laptops Used:
Omen X 17:
– www.tinyurl.com/CUK-HP-OMEN-X-17

Asus GL702VI:
– www.tinyurl.com/CUK-Asus-ROG-Strix-GL702V

Benchmarks Used:
– Unigine Superposition
– PCMark10
– Cinebench R15
– Fire Strike
– Time Spy

Games Tested:
– The Division
– Ghost Recon

Complete Specs:

Intel – i7-7820HK
4 Core/8Threads
GTX 1080 – 8GB
16 gb DDR4
17.3 – 1920 X 1080
IPS, Anti-Glare
256 GB
1 TB 7200 rpm


  1. That wouldn't be a bad gaming laptop if it had a subwoofer and was a little bit cheaper! because for that money hp wants you can get an Alienware

  2. I wish I could customize my 2016 one, rip I’ll have to upgrade later

  3. Christ that song you use it so bloody annoying and repetitive! Why don’t you say a word??

  4. Accoridng to hp US/UK site the laptop has G-sync, also ownordisowned channel confirmes the G-sync

  5. Does is it have over heating issue and screen flickering problem ?
    Because I saw some user reviews mentioned with those issues

  6. I first wondered why no mention of CPU and GPU temps but after seeing other review it is clear…this laptop is garbage and has overheating issues. GPU is around 85C and CPU it around 93C and both are throttling. Yes this laptop is cheap compared to others with similar specs, but still, who wants a $2000 paperweight ?

  7. does the lighting feature only comes with the omen 17? because i own the omen 15 and it doesnt have the lighting feature in the omen command center

  8. 10.73 lbs and that's not including the power brick??!!

    I'll stick to my ROG Zephyrus at 4.75 lbs with a 1080. Thx

  9. Haters who hate this laptop can scoot on by and cuddle to their 3500 dollar maxed out alienware 17 with same specs.waste your money on rgb lighting and aesthetics and inferior thermals brought to you by dell.or…you go even worse and buy a msi with built in broiler/throttling oven…or razor laptops

    This is the best gaming laptops in the market right now

    I welcome thee hate.

  10. The question is do u really 4k? If u use the system other than gaming??? Their r alot of apps can't run on 4k!

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