How to Make Money Selling PC’s – Benchmarks & How to Sell

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I made a video talking about how you can make money selling PC’s in 2018, and in this video, we dive deeper into that topic and break down how we are going about selling our own PC that we created by following the same formula.

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  1. Here pretty early. Recently built 2 rigs and sold them for $100 profit. Xeon w3550s, GTX 670/960, HP z400 based mobos…. Good stuff

  2. Flipping

    I am flipping computer here in Germany I have built one and got one for free but most of my parts are free because I can get them from a shop that recycles electronic items so I got one computer with 8 gb ddr3 and a amd fx 6300 cpu and a 1 gb gpu it was no booting up so I took it apart and re built it and it fired up and ran I made 107 euro from it and the first pc I built in made 113 euro on it but I lost money on that pc so I still hunt deals and build pc and try to sell them

  3. good video…. as always… keep up the good work <3………….. still waiting for the Twitch Moderator matt!

  4. I try to use FB marketplace to try and sell PC's first and then if that fails I use eBay. With eBay ihave to take selling costs and postage into consideration too

  5. i refresh a few used marketplace site in every hour to catch a good deal my last pc was
    i5 4690k bequite dark rock pro 3
    maximus vii ranger(z97)
    2x4gb 1600 hyperx savage
    asus gtx 760 4gb striker platinum
    700w coolermaster psu
    z12 plus case got it for just around 272$ i cleaned and pimped it with a good usb rgb ledstrip 3$ + add a 1tb hdd 25$ After that listed for 550$ and sold it in 3 days for 470$ i was so suprised and hearth broken at the same time ( i loved this premium rgb beast :/ ) all price converted from hungarian forint(huf) now im hunting my new pc 🙂

  6. So I have almost the entire system done. I got a hp pavilion with a e2-3200 in it, I had a spare 160GB hard drive, a spare 500W psu, a R7 250x OC. I tested the GPU on my system, same with the psu, and hard drive they worked fine. So I tested everything on the pavilion. The cpu is bottle neckjng pretty damn hard. I am looking at some fm1 socket cpus. I found a a8-3820 for $45 (CAD) except it’s upwards of 3-4 weeks of shipping, same thing with a a8-3800 it’s $37 except upwards of 4 weeks of shipping.

  7. If anyone wants to buy a rx 480 8gb leave your email. Wanting $140 for mine.

  8. I have flipped PC's and parts and it has always gone straight forward

  9. can you make a 700$ budget build Canadian dollars for playing games like rainbow six siege 60 FPS + while streaming

  10. Just picked an older dell optiplex at a garage sale in really good working condition for $20. Going to upgrade a few things and flip it soon.

  11. Here in Germany, there are big price differences meaning it's possible to make a profit… but it's also really hard to sell them here, since Germans seem to tend towards buying new or at least used with warranty.

    To give you a example:
    I could sell a PC comparable to yours for 200€ and make nearly 100€ profit IF someone actually buys it.
    At the same time, it's not uncommon to see PCs like yours offered for well above 400€.

    It's even more obvious with GPU:
    My GPU purchase list recently:
    3x GTX 960 2GB for 50€, 55€ and 56,40€ (ROG Strix, EVGA FTW and Reference)
    R9 270 2GB for 35€ (MSI Gaming)
    GTX 760 2GB for 20€ (Gainward Phantom)
    GTX 780 3GB for 60€ (Gainward Phantom GLH)
    HD 7970 3GB for 55€ (Sapphire Dual-X)
    (1 960 ordered today and the HD7970 (should arrive tomorrow according to tracking) haven't arrived yet)

    To put it into perspective, for 50€ you'd usually find a GTX 580 1,5GB, GTX 750Ti or a HD7850 on the very same site… atm the cheapest GTX 960 there costs 80€ + shipping.

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