how to install Pubg 6.0 in Tencent gaming buddy | update pubg 5.0 to 6.0 in pubg emulator

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hello friends,
in this video iam going to show you how to install pubg 6.0 in tencent gaming buddy emulator !

recently pubg released an update which contains some fantastic features … but sadly it came first for mobile and then it will be released into emulators !

means it will take time to receive update on emulator !!!! but if you are unable to wait for update on emulator like me then you can use this method for installing update on your emulator …

download link :-

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  1. Hello bro
    Where do i download the pubg mobile 0.60 version from?

  2. Jesus Christ can you talk more slowly???
    i almost didnt understand anything

  3. I accidentally downloaded the wrong file and copied it in the temp folder
    I also installed it in zarchive and now the game won't work.
    And I can't even delete the file because it says that it is running in another app.
    How can I undo thi?

  4. How do I uninstall the emulator.
    I tried deleting it but it doesn't work.

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