How I made my own iMac Pro Mini

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How I made my own iMac Pro Mini – From a broken Laptop / MacBook Pro.

* This is Project build only. Not for Sale, Commercial or any other distribution, now or in the future, for personal use only.

I made this video to gives an idea or inspiration. This iMac is made from a Broken Macbook Pro, Desktop Monitor and other cables.

This broken MacBook Pro was ready for recycle before ( literally i found it near electronic trash ) 😀 and i had to make few repairs on the logic board.

Building this computer costs me less than $20 i had to buy Floor wood, glass, Black Spray and Black foil. Other parts, i already have it.

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  1. i think the screen is too smal, i think 27 or 32 inch display will better, i hope to see the hackintosh imac, please make the screen bigger

  2. it looks like you can sauder a DVI port onto that monitor's logic board which you should do instead of relying on VGA

  3. But does it throttle? That seems to be a feature of the new Macbook. Lol

  4. Можно было бы и на русском видос сделать, а так отлично вышло, русский акцент палилися весь видос, а когда увидел клей "момент" то сразу понял в чем подвох)

  5. Am I the only one bothered here ? Yes, you could have said it was a custom iMac Mini but in the title it says iMac Pro mini. Where's the performance at ?
    Choose your title wisely next time 🙂

  6. You shoud make a custom android phone and seing your skills and making ur custom phone i think its goin to be dope and maybe consdier to invest and make some and maybe sell them…
    Anyway good job keep up he good work!

  7. Much cheaper that the iMac Pro and much better(Not so much in 4K video editing) Awesome dude

  8. If it was a core i9 mac book defiantly solve the thermal throttle with bigger case and more space to breath in fresh air =cooling efficiency and let it reach the maximum potential of the cpu

  9. Pretty crazy that you can slap all that random stuff together

  10. Awesome vid m8 🙂 I got a question: What is that keyboard? Can you link it or give me the name? 🙂

  11. ай мэйд блю тут и блю там, энд ай брыказ май вайфай
    да, с акцентом конечно беда, но зато шок-контент для америкоссии
    мало кто из них знает, что из говна и палок можно собрать гаубицу или танк 😀
    удачи, не забывай про фоновую музыку, без неё беда-погибель-скукота

  12. Fantastic job! How you adjust the brightness of the monitor?

  13. I know people speak about your language and how it sounds. However, I think it's fine. Only problem is the pronounciation of the words and the akward pauses. However, that something that will change overtime.

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