Honor 7x Gaming Review. Heat Test and Benchmark scores

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Honor 7x Gaming Review. Heat Test and Benchmark scores

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  1. This is better than 9i……it's definitely bang for your bunk…..I think the only difference will be the front facing camera which is not a issue for many…
    BTW good video…..

  2. #askgreedytech pls try to make a video on
    1) top android apps 2017
    2)top phones of 2017
    3)a Q and A video
    Just my wish….If you can find some time in between your busy schedule try to make it….

  3. Does honor 7x has weaker gpu???
    Is Adreno 506 is better than mali t830 mp2??

  4. Awesome video….every aspect covered….please do this video with every phone launched.It's a nice way to show the battery drain.

  5. Its Gpu sucks big time just like honor 6x..Camera is good so no problem there but it is not for gaming i will never buy this

  6. I only play clash of clans ,camera and battery is my priority .Is 7x a good choice

  7. If honor will pay attention to updates and it's GPU,it will surely overcome mi

  8. as expected mali is having 40 GFLOPS while mid range chip old one sd615 has 59.6 GFLOPS

  9. Greedytech what are your thoughts about lenovo k6 note on amazon 3gb ram one..can we consider best phone under 10k ?

  10. How did u get back to stock rom in lenovo z2 plus.Anyhow I did expect honor 7x to perform like this.My honor 8 is better than this.

  11. Very very poor gaming on honor 7x… snapdragon 625 GPU is far far far better…it doesn't even lag/drop frames…

  12. Honor 7x hame Lane chaeya Kay
    please reply kar degeya gaa

    mujhe dar lag Raha hai eska heating problem saa

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