HASSELBLAD X1D review :: how DEEP are these MEDIUM FORMAT pixels?

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Hasselblad were gracious enough to loan me a Hasseblad X1D to review. This camera represents a benchmark in medium format digital photography with it size. This is a medium format digital camera that is smaller than most DSLR’s. If you want high resolution images, look no further. This camera is a best!

Additional camera work from my buddy Eric Rossi

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  1. DO you have to use the touch screen for shutter/aperture? That would be a nightmare .

  2. I don’t know , the important part is how deep is your love ?

  3. Finally an honest reviewer, that knows how to use a medium format camera. The image quality is superb! If you work in commercial, advertising, or fashion, this the camera for you! The color rendition, Really is spot on! I have used this camera since it was released, and can confirm Hasselblad has regularly released firmware addressing improving its firmware, but more importantly responding to its customer base and adding features that we have asked for. It is one of the easiest professional cameras I have ever used. Is it a point and shoot DSLR? No, and it wasn’t meant to be. I don’t understand why people have given the camera negative reviews. In my opinion they are either A) hater’s who just can’t afford it, and jealous of people that can or B) have no idea why you would need a medium format camera, or leaf shutter in the first place.
    Cameras may have different features, and different applications, but you just cant’t top the image quality of the X1D and that is why it got such incredibly high marks from DxOMark.
    To be fair, the fact that not so long ago professional medium format cameras were big, bulky, and 50k dollars. Now we have compact, beautifully hand made, and at a fraction of what a studio medium format used to sell for, is a dream come true!

  4. I like the camera, I like the look, I like the ergonomics and the few lenses with the leaf shutter but… but… It is a first generation camera.

    I think I'll wait for X2D before I fork over any money for one!

  5. probably like the best produced review you've done!

  6. Wtf does deeper pixels mean??? Is it just a stupid Apple marketing term or does it really mean something?

  7. You have to plan a holiday in Australia, Ted! To thaw out at least. Great review!

  8. Are there any plans to produce and adapter to mount medium format Leica S glass to the X1D? I have one with a Central Shutter but with the firmware update, any S glass should work. All I need as a piece of metal and I'd switch.

  9. I dont understand why mirrorless cameras dont have a way of protecting the sensor when you remove the lense. Removing dirt and shit must be a pain

  10. Great video as always. how'd you like using the wine country holder after some
    Field use? i've been watching them for a while but already got myself a present this year.
    nice jacket 😉

  11. The camera looks beautiful! I would love to check it out sometime! Thank you for sharing!

    Happy Holidays!

  12. The GFX Fuji is far superior, and far cheaper. Also you can do flash photog. on the fuji with adapted lenses, you CANNOT with the X1D
    The X1D native lenses have utterly disgusting bokeh wide open. Three firmware updates later, and the X1D is still very buggy at best.
    The X1D sure does LOOK sexy however,…..but thats where its 'beauty' ends.

  13. "While they are known for making digital format cameras going all the way back to the 1940s…" Hmm. 🙂

  14. we are not going to forget (deep pixels) easily?!!! LOL 🙂

  15. I've had the X1D since May 2017. I have to say that after the firmware upgrades and spending a lot of time shooting with the camera, I've grown to love its capabilities. The color tones, depth of color, resolution and ability to shoot with a higher ISO if needed without too much noise have won me over. I still use my Canon 5DM3 for shots requiring telephoto and super wide angle lenses as well as those requiring super fast focus and multishot per second. But for many others I prefer the X1D.

  16. Das Video ist echt toll, und die Kamera scheint auch richtig klasse zu sein, aber der Preis ist halt auch echt heftig – leider.

  17. How do you do street photography and not irritate / freak out people? I want to photography people in an urban setting, but I also don’t want to offend them. Any advice, anyone?

  18. At the end of the day however, there's only two criteria for exceptional photographs. Your eye, and MP's in quantity. I would love to get my hands on an old Hubble telescope. You know, for those great night shots of the moon? Or, maybe I'll just settle for the Fujinon XA101x8.9BESM/PF 2/3". Far cheaper @ a 1/4 mill.

  19. REALLY. That price is not consumer. A Nikon D850 with a 28mm f1.4 Nikkor will absolutely kill it for price and ability for street photography. I'll happily challenge you for a

  20. Meh Fuji is better than the Hassie. The first one is an awesome tool. The second tries too hard to be a fashion statement.

  21. Thats a camera that i would like to test some day. Not so expensive either 😛

  22. What are your thoughts on this as an affordable studio camera? It is a lot less expensive than the H6 50c, which, makes it very appealing.

  23. $8K, body only. "Travel Kit" with 3 basic lenses, $16.5K. Big fail: No image stabilization.

  24. Skeptical. Hassle has to work harder than this gadget to rebuild customer trust/respect after their ridiculous re-branding scams. And yes, the body is relatively small, but with that sized sensor, it`s impossible to defeat physics : the lenses are relatively huge and heavy, from 500+ grams to a kilo. But overall, the biggest question this camera raises is, why not just get the Fuji?

  25. Nice video. It is certainly a great looking tool for people who can manage the price. It does look especially great for landscape work.

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