GTX 980 4GB vs GTX 1060 6GB

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  1. GTX 980 is more future proof due to a lot more cores, shading units and so on, 4GB is quite fine, 1060 3gb was best price/performance (while it was ~200$). GTX 980 are going around 300$, while 1060 6gb is 400-700$ GTX 980 is a great buy in 2018.

  2. lol 1060's are the price of 1080's 2 years ago
    but now i regret letting a $50 change make me get the 3gb model
    i could've made so much profit

  3. These findings are weird. I had a 980 last year when the 1060 came out and was beating their benchmarks easily in everything. Which brands did you use?

  4. How do you get 500$ for a 1060 ? It’s like 400$ max where I live .-.

  5. Just bought my igame gtx 1060 6gb vulcan u for 340 dollars and i absolutely recommend it

  6. 980 ti 6gb 1440p ….

    Gtx 1060 6gb 1440p = shit lol

  7. My GTX 1060 cost me $262 and I can overclock it to 2 gigahertz easy.

  8. Gtx 980's are still >€250 where Iive. I picked up a gtx 970 for €970 wich I consider as a great deal

  9. The biggest factor here is the 6gb ram on the 1060. The 980 could be better in 1080p. Hope you could do another video 🙂

  10. Wow im blind because of their… Performance differences.

  11. $500 are you serious? I got mine on launch for £240, OC'd to nearly 2 GHz still under 75c at full load. You should probably test cards overclocked sometimes, as they can be conservative with speeds.

  12. Test the cards in something else than gaming and the gtx980 will be a lot better, for example rendering.

  13. Goddamnit why is in my country a new 1060 6gb costs $350 and a used 980 costs like $300

  14. Бред. Блогер врун, данные с потолка.

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