GTX 770 / GTX 1050Ti – Core i3 3220 – 8GB DDR3 – Lenovo Budget PC Benchmarks

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This is the Lenovo based PC which I built last week, sporting a Core i3 3220 CPU, ASUS GTX 770 2GB and 8GB of DDR3 memory, in total and without bells and whistles this little rig was pieced together for around £100 after some bargin hunting and used part trawling but the question on a lot of your minds – including on mine, is how does it perform??

The GTX 770 is still a powerful card and with the right mix of settings it can still show a clean pair of heels to something like a GTX 1050 or RX 560 but can be hampered by that 2GB frame buffer. The platform on the whole is also kicking on a little, an Ivy Bridge core i3 with only 2 physical cores and Hyperthreading is pretty much bottom of the barrel acceptable for gaming in 2018 when you can buy a Ryzen 2200G with 4 real cores and very decent integrated graphics for under $99 or pounds and finally, we get to the system memory. while 8GB is more than enough for low end gaming, the fact that its DDR3 and clocked in at 1600Mhz could also throw up some challenges.

For comparison I have also tested this system with my Gigabyte GTX 1050Ti and have taken results for both stock and overclocked speeds on both cards.

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  1. I mostly agree with your conclusions, but you forgot to mention that the GTX 770 is also available in a 4GB variant. Looking at "sold listings" on eBay, I see them selling as low as £70 (working condition), which is still less than half the price of even the cheapest GTX 1050 Ti (according to PCPartPicker). That more than levels the paying field, giving the GTX 770 4GB a clear advantage.

    Yes, DDR3 and a slower CPU has an impact on performance, but it's relatively minor for GPU bound tasks like gaming. The price to performance ratio still greatly favours the used market.

  2. I am basically doing this same thing with a Lenovo with an i5 3470

    Was that psu ok for a 770 I know that 500w evga one is pretty sturdy but it is a 770?

  3. I've notice that the music link for a while leads to a song by Kevin that isn't in the background. It was for a video but that was a long time ago when I heard that song in one of your videos. I had to search up chill to find the song that's in the background. Anyway I'm enjoying content. Cheers for it as well.

  4. Amd cards do better on used market than nvidia as seem to have aged really well n did tend to come with more vram on faster memory bus but 770 done really well still a good choice at this price point as some else said the 4gb card would have done better for price that a good choice

  5. Pretty close to my Dell PC im currently using but with 6GB of ram… With a 1050 TI thrown in it.

  6. I've had a GTX 770 for around 3 years now, but the problem I've had is that it has been paired with slow CPUs. I actually upgraded from a Phenom X4 9750 CPU to an Athlon X4 860k. Unfortunately, the upgrade still wasn't enough for more modern titles. My main PC is an intel i7 6700 w/GTX980ti/16GB RAM, so I'm in no rush.

  7. i may be being snooty here but i think the g4560 ($60 new on ebay presently) should be the minimum cpu for a budget gaming build and it's the bottom of the barrel if you don't want a ryzen quad core. yes this means ddr4 but 1x 8gb stick can be had under $80 presently. that opens the door for cpu upgrades all the way to a 7700 or k series if you have a Z board and add another 8gb ram when it goes down further. i feel the 1050ti will be around the $160-175 price soon and i'd recommend jumping on it to anyone that needs a entry level gpu. i've used many used parts and still do, but i've learned that if your machine is slowing down the task at hand, a small non upgradeable upgrade just prolongs the inevitable which is buying new hardware. with all that being said, take it with a grain of salt. i just built two 8700k rigs for the house and learned that intel is releasing 8 core 16 thread cpu's on the mainstream platform that require a new motherboard. the merry go round goes round and round and never stops. if you drive it off the lot today, there's something better on the lot tomorrow.

    excellent build. i see what you're doing here but i'm bored and figured i'd comment some bs. i like your videos. that i3 scares me though…

  8. There is actually 4gb variant of the 770. It's a bit rare, but if you can find one I bet it would overtake the 1050 Ti in some of those games like bf1 and wwii.

  9. Upgrade it to an i7 2600 or 3770, 16gb DDR3, and an R9 380 4gb and see what it can do in 1440p.

  10. yeah, an i5-2400 is still a good idea, that hyperthreaded i3 is good for eSports but not much else in the way of new titles. 770 is decent if you wanna do 1080p stuff, and good for a budget minded card.

  11. nice pick of game here i would have love to see some info for direct 12 or vulkan just to see if the gtx 700 are still viable in long term but i suppose there are not? any ideal how they would hold like in far cry exemple seem you got that game.I'm just curious because seem lot of those card are getting drop on the market in my region and questionning why sell a good usefull card ?

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