GTX 750 Ti Test in 10 Games in 2018

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  1. which is better for worse, can anyone help me? gtx 660 ti, gtx 750/750 ti, r7 260x r9 270x, gtx 770, gtx 760. what other are these?

  2. The GTX 750ti was a good budget card, but nowadays the GTX 1050ti is better.

  3. like I wonder if the gtx 750ti 2gb runs the games almost in very low I imagine that the R7.260X 2gb would walk much worse but I would like to see its performance

  4. these graphs gtx 750ti 2gb and amd R7.260X 2GB I guess they were below normal ps4 and Xboc one fat

  5. Gone are the days you wouldn't last 2min with three wanted stars in GTA.

  6. Just as a for your information. Rise of the Tomb Raider has much tougher framerates in later areas. So the given settings wouldnt work for 30 FPS target.

  7. I have GTX 750 ti and play Witcher 3 on high Graphic 🙂 45-70 Fps 😀

  8. I Play Ghost recon with this Card with a Mix of medium and high and the highest anti aliasing with 30 fps, for me playable and it looks good

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