GTX 1060 3GB vs GTX 1050 Ti 4GB in New Games

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  1. I guess I understand wanting to run games at 100+ fps, but the 1060 (even the 3GB) is the sweet spot for price/performance.

  2. with these budget cards, ultra settings are pushing them pretty hard… would it not be better to test them at medium to high sittings?? since most ppl would be pairing these cards with g4600 or i3 7100's

  3. bro i watch ur advert and video caz u replayed my every question 😀 lik 2

  4. Easy win for 1060 dude, why you compare? But anyway, thanks for all your content man (=

  5. The vram isn't that important you need at least 4 gb for gaming or 3 but the chip of the video card is the most important

  6. Одно дороже другого в 2 раза, смысл тупого сравнения никчемный…

  7. 3 gb doesn't matter, good move from nVidia but no one understands. 1060 is a mid range gpu. Which means that in mid-late 2018 it wont be able to play all games on max 60fps. (Origins is first game to show that, BAD optimization, Ik that) 3GB is enough, worst case scenario would be that you need to turn down textures from ULTRA to VERY HIGH (I mean, for me in GTA V on R9 280X I have TEXTURES on very high, and everything to high, with i5 2500, runs buttery smooth even when recording. But problem is TDP of 250W but kW is cheap in my country, because country is broken af)

  8. it's wrong about 1063 in's only 32 of 1063 ,but longer than 36 of 1050ti

  9. В разы мощнее 1060. Спасибо ребята. Nice, bro)

  10. Thanks for your good and informative video. I'm just wondering if you tell me about the second prices which come after slashes (/)

  11. muito bom seu trabalho….esta faltando colocar o jogo battlefield 1 nos testes valeu

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