GTX 1060 3G vs RX 570 4G Benchmark

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  1. It depends in the price but for the same money i go for the 570 because of de 4gb of vram

  2. Heard Nvidia gonna release the 11 series actually today. +1 GMT

  3. Could you do a video on the i5 3570k(overclocked) compared to modern cpus?

  4. Both GPUs are pretty much neck and neck, all games considered. Can't go wrong with either purchase, if these GPUs ever return to pre-mining prices.

  5. wow gtx 1060 3gb for $280? here in Argentina it cost $450

  6. I have amd radeon 7790 1 gb ddr5 intel pentium e5400 core 2 duo 2.7ghz and 4 gb ddr 2 ram on 667mhz. Which games can i play?

  7. Not that much lower from GTX 1060.Pretty good benchmark

  8. Can u test please i7 2600K OC vs Ryzen 5 1600 . Im really courios if will worth the upgrade from my i7 2600K to that 6 core ryzen cpu. Thanks in advance 🙂

  9. I think u dnt have the card u are playing with us giving us wrong data

  10. Wow, am surprised, I didn’t know rx 570 would be this close

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