GTX 1050 vs GTX1050 ti | Ryzen 3 2200G

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  1. cara tenho gt1030 e tô um pouco atas disso aí média de 35 a 46 fps no alto. Mas tô pensando em troca por uma gtx1050 ti 4gb pelo nvenc

  2. if you test pubg in all the performance tests please go to cities or war zones like pochinki, san martin, to know your limits of fps how much it decays

  3. Soon The 1050 3GB will be released. Do you believe that it is going to be worth it?If it will be around $130 i think it's going to be a good deal.

  4. Wasnt this done like a billion times before? By literally everyone?…

  5. The 1050 Ti seems to be lot faster at more intensive titles, but i'm very satisfied with my 1050. My favourite games run flawlessly at 1080p with high or ultra details.

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