Gigabyte RX 580 Gaming Box Review, Is An AMD eGPU Worth It?

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Gigabyte RX 580 Gaming Box Review, Is An AMD eGPU Worth It?

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  1. This is so bad that you better just get a console if you really want to play games… (or even 2 of them on sale, like ps4 slim 500gb for 200$)

  2. Not worth the money.
    Wonder why Gigabyte didn't do this with a Vega 56 or Vega 64 ?

  3. Test it with a mac, maybe it would be better as Apple works better with amd.

  4. way too much attention to the most useless type of a product ever. from anyone.

  5. From what I understand, much of that latency is software-side. with better software-side translation the performance can get better. perhaps not to direct 4x PCIe lane speeds, but it does mean that percentile performance drop can be lowered.

  6. I don't understand who this is for. If you have enough money to blow on PC stuff to get this you're better off getting a new gaming laptop every 3-4 years. It doesn't sound like the interface speed is there yet. This gaming box could be obsolete in 3-4 years.

  7. The technology is not quite up to standard. Not worth buying at this moment in time!

  8. Please add a comparison to a similar desktop system with a 580, these numbers seem way lower than 80% of that. You keep referring to the 1060 (which is a reasonable comparison of course), but since you compared the Nvidia E-GPU's to their dekstop counterparts, you really should do the same for AMD. Right? Edit: Discalimer, as the second half of Germany – Mexico just started I have only watched the first 8:18 of the video, apologies if you addressed this later. šŸ™‚

  9. Looking for advice: I have an r5 1400 and a 1060 right now. I want to upgrade, so should i go with the r5 2600 or just the 1600 is not going to be overclocking and Iā€™m keeping my same a320 mobo. Thanks in advance !

  10. Nice shirt. Red would look better. Ha. How about half blue and the other half red? You could be two-face. ;).

  11. The ONLY time eGPUs are good, is when your laptop doesnt have a dedicated gpu, but has a thunderbolt connector. Usually when i see these reviews, the laptop already has a gpu. i mean its still good info, but whats the point if you already have a GPU in the laptop. For me.. only when the laptop has intel or amd graphics

  12. I have yet to understand why those external boxes costs so much… even chinese direct mini pciex/expresscard boxes costs at least $/ā‚¬120!

  13. Looks cool and all, but not for $599 or even $499 after the rebate and sale. Just not good value any way you look at it.

  14. How come you didn't test the gaming box with an external monitor? I feel a lot of people that buy this would spend the extra ~$100 on a monitor to have better performance.

  15. GUYS. WAIT.
    You're forgetting, the RX 480/580's on ebay are going for $150-$250 USD!!! We're winning the mining war of attrition. Buy, Buy, Buy!

  16. Gigabyte šŸ™
    The worst customer service ! For me … there is only one good motherboard ! and that is Asrock !

  17. I think it sucks that you have to have an Intel Platform to use this tho…

  18. Isn't the fact that Gigabyte can once again call this the "Gaming" box additional proof that Nvidia's GPP did in fact exist?

  19. Actual use case for eGPUs: your parents buy you a nice laptop for college and you buy this puppy after 2 months of cleaning toilets!

  20. In other word save your money and buy a better laptop a waste of time lol

  21. Wait a minute… If you have a laptop with an RX 580 in it and connect this box to it, could you run them in crossfire? (I know crossfire / sli is pretty much dead so this is purely theoretical and not practical)

  22. Thunderbolt basically always has only x4, needs full x16 to be worth it.

  23. Works perfectly and smoothly every single time? That's quite a big claim

  24. I love how at the end of a review, even if y'all shit on something, you salt your own opinions with alternate use-cases and possible justifications for the product. Keeps the review feeling as objective as possible.

  25. Not sure what they were thinking with this product, seems like a total waste of money….

  26. I need a Thunderbolt 3 Option for 100-130 USD for just the enclosure.

  27. good luck finding an upgrade card for this box in a few years.

  28. Hey, Thanks for continuing eGPU content! Would be great to see a video comparing the 8550U with the 8750H with the same external graphics card looking at CPU bottlenecking by the laptop CPU. Also – do you own a Razer Core X? If so could you make a comparison using the same laptop with the aorus and the Razer Core X? The reason for this is that i read a few times that the ports of a gaming box always take a percentage of the bandwidth limiting the TB3 bandwidth even further – if this is indeed the case the Razer core X would outperform the Aorus gaming box with a similar GPU and the same laptop. (that would explain why the Razer core does not use any IO, surely its not due to price they are not that expensive. I heared in the Core V2 the IO was daisy chained to avoid this issue, which is quite expensive to do from my understanding?) Also testing at 1440p, UWQHD and 4K would be awesome next to the 1080p (this also seems to make eGPUs more comparable to desktop level performance.)
    Really enjoy your content and the suggestion above is not to criticize what you do but to maybe give a few useful suggestions on where to look next šŸ™‚

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