Gigabyte AERO 15X Gaming Review – Coffee Lake GTX 1070 144Hz – Best thin and light gaming laptop?

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Gigabyte AERO 15X Gaming Review Gigabyte AERO 15X Coffee Lake 2018 GTX 1070 – First 24 Hours – Benchmarks and Thermals.New Gigabyte AERO 15 and 15X My next laptop i7 8750H GTX 1070 4k 100% Adobe RGB or 144Hz.The new AERO series laptop now armed with the brand new 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H.

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144Hz FHD

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GigaByte Aero
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GigaByte Aero
144Hz FHD

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  1. I've been going back and forth considering this and the MSI GS65, mostly a video editor, but obviously if I have a laptop like this I'll be playing some games. You've got me leaning more towards the Gigabyte now, great video!

  2. Awesome! Have now decided to just order the 1080p model with an extra 16GB RAM and another 512GB SSD, instead of waiting for the 4K model and only getting the extra SSD.

    Have also seen that the keyboard chatter/repeated keystrokes issue has been fixed by a firmware update.

  3. I have this laptop. Light bleed is unacceptable. Dark movies are unwatchable. We will see if Gigabyte will do anything about it.

  4. Interesting results, I just finished testing the thermals in mine about an hour ago haha, I got similar results but a little worse off. CPU sits around 90c ~3GHz all cores, GPU 84c ~1300MHz with a room temp of 22c in PUBG high settings. Not sure if it could get closer to yours by repasting or maybe I should test out a different game!

  5. Just ordered this laptop after watching your videos. I will be getting it today.

  6. Damn. Had to pick this up after watching. I want content creation and games and this just nails it it seems. Also going to try the 144hz display and try a high refresh rate screen.

    Anything you recommend doing to the laptop when you take it out of the box? You already mentioned removing GeForce experience. Anything else?

  7. I debating between the 4k model and the 1080p one.

    I'm not a video or photo editor, and I do game from time to time but I not really a hardcore gamer. I do on the other hand watch a lot of series/movies and when I game I like it to be the best visual experience possible.

    What would you recommend for the best media consumption and gaming experience possible. 1080p 144hz 100% sRGB, or 4k 60hz 100% AdobeRGB. Is there a really strikingly much better color experience with AdobeRGB for gaming and watching HD movies and series or is the 144Hz better? Not for color sensitive work, really just for the best media consumption.

    I watched your comparison of the the dell xps 15 4k vs 1080p to get a better idea but it didn't really help much because my display right now is so crappy I couldn't tell the difference.

  8. What program are you using to monitor the temps and FPS? Also I just picked up the RB pro FHD on sale for 1800 after viewing your reviews but now I’m reconsidering after this review :p

  9. Great video! I'm having a little bit of trouble finding the Gigabyte Graphics Driver. Do you happen to have the link? Thank you so much.

  10. ah come on why if you test overwatch and fortnite you dont test csgo lol

  11. remind me not to group with you in battlefield1 multiplayer…

  12. Has anyone else received their Aero 15x with a thermal repaste (LM or otherwise)? I got mine late last week and my temperatures are even worse than what's shown here (90-93 CPU, 89-90 GPU). I'm having issues updating the GPU driver which could potentially explain the GPU temp, but I'm concerned I got a bad unit.

  13. Did your power supply had a USB port on it? I thought it should have one but mine didn’t.

  14. Hi! I watched your last video on this Aero 15x and im between this and the dell xps 15 possibly the 2 in 1 or the newer one yet to come out. What puts me off is the track pad. Would you say it really is much different from the dell? I am wanting an intuitive experience that makes usage really easy as the macbooks do with their gestures. Thanks!

  15. I got mine today from Amazon. I received a unit with a light bleed. It is unacceptable, I cannot watch dark videos normally. I had to return it and get a replacement.

  16. Man, this would’ve been so perfect as I love the robust design and a thin and light laptop. Great components but I wish it had better cooling. Maybe the msi gs65 will cool better with 3 fans 4 heatpipes.

  17. Thanks for this video, it's so hard to take a decision. As many people
    ,I'm currently undecided between the Msi Gs65, the aero 15x and the xps15 that isn't out yet. In what way would the xps15 be any better? The temps? I have an old xps15 that I've just been underclocking and underclocking for 2years now… Is a laptop's graphic card only good for 3 years or so? I'm afraid to buy another Dell product and just end up with the same problem. It still is a pretty good laptop if not for gaming tho…

  18. Where are important test facts like: Fan noise, fan full off support, undervolt capabilities. Screen also seems to be terrible, has horrible backbleed on the bottom, even seen in your video: Build quality of the chassis also really bad it seems. Other reviews said it gets loud as a jet engine while playing… LOL 144Hz monitor? Means you need 144FPS LOL This is totally a no go, especially for 2400$ LOL. So you game with a noise protection on your ears with this?

  19. Great review. Honestly I think this Aero 15x is the way to go, nice balance of great hardware, portability and power. As far as I know the MSI might have similar spec but much smaller battery. The XPS 15 less grunty hardware but Dell might have better after sales support? Especially when you travel internationally often.

  20. So you think for just games is this a good laptop? Like overwatch and fortnite and such?

  21. Have you tried replacing the thermal paste on this beast yet? I did it with 2 of my laptops, temps dropped more than 20C , granted both were a bit dusty as well. I actually just used a mid range paste (Deepcool Z5), results were beyond impressive.

  22. hello there gent, have you decided between the aero 15x and the XPS 15 9570?

  23. I did the FarCry 5 benchmark with the highest possible settings and render resolution multipler at 1.2 (probably should have left this at 1.0 for a fairer test and got higher fps) and got 74 highest, 63 average and 53 lowest) at 1920×1080. V-sync off. Yes it was a little loud but again no worse than any of my previous alienwares (m14x, m17xr3 with 580m and later 780m and my last laptop the m14x r3)

    Make no mistake, this is a great machine and I have no problems with the build quality. Better imo than MSI.

    I will redo the tests with temps and freqs and post again when I get the chance.

    You can select built in silent profiles or ofc make your own. Also you have full fan control with include gigabyte software.

  24. Thanks for the test! Always like to see real time thermal testing!

  25. /Where did you get the graphics card drivers for this? I can't seem to find anything on Gigabyte's website.

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