FX 4300 | Still good for Gaming? | AMD FX-4300 Benchmark

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I wanted to test AMD FX AM3 CPUs for a long time, but it was pretty hard to find a decently priced AM3 990FX motherboard, which is needed to run the 220 Watt FX versions. Now that I have one, I can finally make videos about AMD FX CPUs and the first video is of course about the legendary FX-4300, the budget gaming cpu of choice in like 2012-2013.

Tested Games:
Islands of Nyne
Hunt: Showdown
Far Cry 5

Test Setup:
AMD FX-4300 @ 4.1 GHz
8 GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR-3 @ 1600 MHz
Asus M5A99FX Pro 2.0
Geforce GTX 1070

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  1. I have this in my PC right now, It's decent but definitely needs an upgrade.

  2. you should compare it to a i5 that costs around the same to show whether it actually is worth getting or not , also compare it against the best cpu you have to show the bottleneck.

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