FINALLY benchmarking the $850 GAMING PC! (April PC of the Month pt. 2)

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April’s PC of the Month is tested at last

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  1. whenever he said most people can only game at 60+ fps and i play games at <20 fps

  2. as a shitty laptop 20fps user, these framerates i find them fucking orgasmic

  3. what do you do with all the PC's you build man? do you just stack them up in your basement? give them away? i wanna know

  4. If you have a bunch of old parts say like a 500GB HDD just slap that puppy in there and it'll be 1TB for less than half the price. I am mainly talking about older maybe like western digital 500GB hard drives. Hope this works for all you older people with a like 500GB hard drive, remember solutions can be made for a cheap price I am getting mine for around 450 USD and it has the same stuff, just some older parts that haven't been used hope this helps! and this has been a good tip for me in the past.

  5. How am I getting 100+ frames on overwatch ultra with some epics on 3440x1440p? Same card and an i5? Stock clocking throughout. I got smooth 60+ in all the games mentioned with one small setting off. My friends beg me to turn down AA since a 110 ppi is pretty good but I just dialed it on notch if any as the one small setting in mentioned. I'm genuinely lost. Is my build working on magic? What's the deal?

  6. Y does GPU's price appreciate instead of depreciate over the years of their release.

  7. Something's wrong, how tf is this 11 fps higher in Gta v compared to the 1000$ build…

  8. Wait so is Windows already installed? And if it isn't how do you download it?

  9. well it did get double the framerate that i get on my laptop at medium….

  10. Gtx 1070 intel i7 7700 16gb ddr4 liquid cooling prebuilt on amazon for 1200?

  11. How much of a difference would it make if everything was the same except with a GTX 1060 and 8gb of ram instead of 16?

  12. The numbers seem underwhelming, until you realise everything is on max settings.

  13. Since I run games at 18 fps, I was thinking OMG you can actually see stuff!!

  14. the performance was poor for overwatch. 95 FPS! My rig has an i5 6600k at 4.2ghz and a rx 480 oc and i get more than that

  15. This is the exact components I'm looking to pick up other than the HDD. You are the first person that has this build without changing a thing here or there in order to squeak out a little it better numbers. Granted I wish the graphics card wasn't so expensive currently, but thank you for not deviating away from the build.

    One other channel as close, but changed the CPU to the 1600x and the graphics card to the 6gb version of the 1060. Awesome video, and you sir have earned a sub in my book!

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