Final Gigabyte 8700K Test System and Overclocking Results

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Final 8700K Test System and Overclocking Results

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  1. Seems no one has noticed, as far as I can tell; What's wrong with your right thumb, Tim?

  2. How low did you try and push the voltage with manual overclocking at 5ghz? Surely you would be able to reduce the temps substantially like this if the chip is reasonable? You didn't seem to mention manual ocing at all for the 5ghz frequency.

  3. The VRM is bad on anything under the gaming 7, I know I got a gaming 5 and the vrm cooks..

  4. z370 ultra gaming suxx in term of vrm temps, you must be using the gaming 7 for overclock. De8auer prove that in a recent video

  5. Delid the CPU, at clocks near to 5.0Ghz, you are going to beat around 20 degrees.

  6. Gigabyte ultra = the worse ! Get yourself an Asrock board !

  7. A little recomendation Steve, it appears that your chip is like mine, and mine runs 4.9 ghz at 1.344v (CPUZ Voltage). And 4.8 is stable at 1.25v so pretty big jump right there. 4.8 ghz seems like the sweetspot imo.

  8. <insert joke about Intel's including a new phase change cooler with every CPU here>

  9. Overclocking on a gigabyte motherboard, what a joke. Unstable bios, horrible vrm, and bad memory support. I'd like to see this exact same chip on an asrock, asus, msi or evga board, as it would easily hit 5.2

  10. I know I say it a lot, but I am so fucking jealous of all your lego

  11. I have Silent Wings 3 Fans. How can I light them up like you did?

  12. Good luck tinkering with that gigabyte board. I've been overclocking using offset vcore since the X58 platform, always a breeze with asus boards.
    For this gen, I picked up an aurus z370 gaming 7 for the circus lights alone, and still regretting. Pain in the ass to OC on gigabyte boards mate.

  13. i have an stay behind the camera and let the other guy would help.cheers

  14. you should put the halos fan frame on the front of the fan, it looks much better imo

  15. OH MY GOD The gigabyte board will give u nightmares i had it and rma 5 of these then returned it bios Software quality nothing in this board is even good. I have asus rn had an msi but msi is kinda bad aswell gotta prop asrock my dads itx is kept solid with it. The only brand im gonna buy now its gonna be Asus

  16. Asus Maximus Formula 10 auto setting fail on 8700k over 5.0 GHZ. My new 8086k auto over clocks 5.2 GHZ on same system. Fun thing my 8700k @ same clocks as 8086k does better by about 1-2 percent.

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