Far Cry 5 Benchmarked – 11 Cards Tested All Settings!

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We Benchmark Far Cry 5 On 11 Cards Ultra -Normal -Low


Far Cry 5 for PC

Far Cry 5: Inside Eden’s Gate

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  1. Happy Saturday Tech Fans, don't miss the game giveaway on Twitter today…Cheers….

  2. I was wondering will Far Cry 5 work on a Ryzen 3 2200G or a Ryzen 5 2400G

  3. My 290x is still faster than a rx 480 and 580. No problems here gaming at 4k ultra preset no AA

  4. Thank you, sir, this video got you my subscription. You know what they say: 1 out of 556,000 ain't bad… or so I've heard…

  5. I'm playing this on a 34" ultrawide with an over clocked 1070 and getting average of 60 FPS on ultra settings. Really enjoying the game too 🙂

  6. can anyone tell me why i am only getting 47 fps at 1440p ultra at 21:9 with my specs/
    GPU 1080TI SLI OC
    CPU I7 7700K OC 5GHZ
    RAM 32GB 3000MHZ
    i think i should be pushing way more, could be to do with the fact i running g sync as when i turn it off im hitting over 100 fps but get screen tearing.

  7. Reading the comments makes me feel special NOT Many people are gaming in 4K high 60 like I am. 1080ti is starting to struggle with this game for the first time tho.

  8. haha cool, you use the same mouse, monitor and keyboard as me.
    Btw, great video, exactly what I wanted.. yesterday I changed my CPU, from a i5 6600k to a i7 8700K, I got 20% of improvement on this benchmark, I am so impressed.. I didn't think it would make it that much better.

  9. Wow I was shocked when I've saw that I had a better score than a 1080ti. With those overpriced gpus these days I think I'll keep mine for a wile. Glad of my results, 111 fps at 1080p everything on ultra on a msi gaming x gtx 1080 that win the sillicon lottery, 2114mhz core and memory slider is at max (+1000) bringing my memory to a blistering 12000mhz. First card that I got so much luck. my cpu is a kaby lake 7600k oc'ed at 5.151mhz at 1.325 volts.

  10. I wish this game utilized more than 4 cores. My i7-2600 bottlenecks my 970 hard in this game.

  11. I have sli 1080 ‘‘tis and a 10 core i9 and 1440p ultra runs at only about 70 fps, why?

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