Fallout 4 2018 Mod Guide: Part 1 – Ultrawide 21:9

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  1. whats your specs? i have trouble with a 970 and 4690k also would you recommend a 2tb firecuda sshd for just games and have os on ssd

  2. Id there is way to make the ui elements smaller? , kinda how darnUI back in FO3 used to

  3. Thank you soooooooooooooo Much for this step by step guide.
    I was going nuts trying to find a solution for this.
    Now read my first comment and maybe you have an answer for me ?

  4. Found the fix for the power armor if anyone needs this
    Go to your Documents/Mygames/Fallout4.
    Click on your Fallout4.ini (not custom or Prefs)
    Search for Interface and right under that copy paste the following:


    This will work for a 21:9 ultrawide monitor 34"

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