Dell XPS 15 9570 Gaming Review – i9 GTX 1050 Ti 2018 Coffee lake – The best gaming 15″ ultrabook?

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Dell XPS 15 9570 Gaming Review – i9 GTX 1050 Ti 2018 Coffee lake – The best gaming 15″ ultrabook?
Dell XPS 15 9570 Coffee Lake 2018 My Thoughts Will is still be the best 15 laptop. Dell XPS 15 9570 2018 Model – What we Know -Max-Q, 8th Gen 6 cores, New Display, x4 TB3 .i9 8950HK

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  1. When did the xps line drop the numpad? Just like that I’m actually interested in one for the first time ever!
    More and more 15” laptops are dropping them now just like it use to be in early 2000. So now I’m not limited to 13-14” power houses now

  2. you talking about 60fps but your video is not 60fps, hard to see the result.

  3. People should stop playing/testing games on such laptops. The purpose of these kind of laptops are not for gaming, but for work – programming, creators, etc.

  4. What is the difference between a 9570 with a i7 that has 6 cores or a 9575 with i5 8th gen(4 cores) for gaming?
    Is the performance drop small enough to get a 9575?

  5. How does it compare to the surface book 2 15 inch version ?
    Which one is better among them in terms of gaming ?

  6. I do believe we’ll be at the stage where we won’t be using a pc that produces much heat

    I mean , imagine playing games , modelling with extremely high quality shading lighting and definitions

    And the temperature stays in extremely low temperature

  7. Would you be able to play intensive games for long periods of time keeping 1080p 60 fps? Great videos on the 9570!

  8. Im going into an engineering major and being honest with you Im not very knowledgeable in computer systems at this moment. But im wondering for some mid ranged gaming (civilization 6, csgo, rocket league) and I wanna know will I be able to use this without it spontaneously combusting the 2year of my major. Ive heard alot of reviews/ comments saying dont game on this. Your help is appreciated please and thankyou. Any opinions appreciated im most likely buying 24-48hrs from now.

  9. Mine i7 1050ti model can't game properly. It randomly shut down in the first 2-3mins when I was playing pubg. The temperature was about 75c and it seems like a issue due to the underclock of cpu? :/

  10. If you are a gamer and you want a gaming laptop you are pretty much limited to a 1080p screen unless you wan't to pay obscene amounts of money.

  11. I am not a gamer but have a questions on the Nvidia GPU. I have been watching the GPU usage on my new 9570 and it very rarely if at all uses the Nividia GPU just the Intel GPU. I read from different forums that dell people are saying that if only uses the Nvidia GPU when it is under high load and the rest of the time it is using Intel. Does this sound right to you?

  12. Hi! Can you make a comparison xps 9570 vs Blade 15 vs areo 15x?

  13. Everyone on reddit is so frustrated with the thermals on this laptop while gaming. People are experiencing shutdown with even the i7 due to extreme heat. Are their unit defective or with bad paste job ?? Btw what are your ambient temperatures during the testing ? I am really confused after seeing multiple conflicting reviews of heat management and throtlling

  14. Hi, I really enjoyed your video and just got myself a new XPS15 9570, i9/32ram/gtx1050ti max Q. But when I am playing DOTA2, everytime a few minutes into the actual game from the main menu page, the screen freezes and nothing works except to force shut down the laptop. Does this problem happen to you? I have tried to update/reinstall the Nvidia driver, my window10 is the lastest version as well, do you have any idea why this happened and how to solve it? thank you in advance!

  15. do u think it's okay to play pubg in the school? is fan noise too loud that classmates look my laptop?

  16. I have literally this exact same laptop but for some reason I literally cannot even run Fortnite or Assasins Creed Origins at low settings at 720p without it crashing. Even tried undervolting like in your other video. Are there any special settings that I am missing? All my drivers are up to date. Did I just get a bad unit? Any help would be appreciated from you or any of your other subscribers. Thank you! Great content!

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