Dell Inspiron 7577 Laptop Review and Benchmarks

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The Dell Inspiron 7577 is a gaming laptop which features Nvidia’s Max-Q 1060 graphics. In this review I’ll cover the features the laptop has to offer, and perform a series of game benchmarks so that you can see how it performs and decide if it’s something you should consider.

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  1. Just bought this laptop and I’m doing the thing where I’m super excited and I’m just watching videos until it arrives LOL, this review was fantastic im definitely recommending your vids when friends have questions on my laptop.

  2. First of all, congratulations for the video! I`m from Paraguay, and want to buy a laptop for gaming and video editing. My principal question is about the screen. Can the screen really reproduce a great field of colors in terms of video editing? Thanks and success!!!

  3. But Jarrods I heard that the display Panel is not much Suitable for any gaming lover !! did they Upgrade the Display panel ?? plz ans !

  4. One of the best reviews I ever saw on YouTube, cheers mate keep up the good work, your video helped me with the decision of going with this laptop.

  5. Finally!! This is the BEST review of the 7577 in all the internet! You reviewed it with the exact same specs I want. Great job man! Keep up the good work

  6. I own this laptop but i5 version one,buy a 1060 laptop instead,this laptop costs almost same but is maxq version without being slim and light wieght and maxq isn't much optimized with new drivers that you get from Nvidia.not so close performance when compared to '1060 MSI'.even the battery is decreased meaninglessly.its ok but….
    Ask me if u have any questions

  7. I have this exact Model/spec. So far its not let me down at all! great laptop for the price!
    The Speakers could sound a bit better i find as previous version of this laptop had better speakers with sub-woofer. But beyond that, everything is great and what i expected.

  8. Just the review I was looking for. Gave me exactly the games I want to play

  9. I went with Asus GL503 instead of this. Because 100% sRGB coverage of screen needed for my editing needs.
    If I was just gaming I would still not buy this.
    I would go for acer helios 300 that is 300$ cheaper but similar specs and better screen.

  10. Anyone having a track pad right click problem? As in you unintentionally double click on a link, when you just want right-click "open" it.

  11. i totally recommend this laptop,but with the i7 instead of the i5 because with thunderbolt 3 port you can run an external gpu without having to worry about the cpu bottlenecking…so,future proofing it 😉

  12. I have just recently bought a dell inspiron 7577 and its a beautiful laptop. The only games I have played on it are Fortnite and GTA 5 both on medium to high settings and it ran beautifully. Only had one problem when first downloading my games it continued to crash so I reinstalled Windows and its worked perfectly since then. Highly recommend and love the vid!

  13. That CPU runs hot @ 90c considering room temp is already @ 22c. Average room temp in our country usually hovers 27c-30c

  14. I wish d3ll had this in the normal gtx1060 not the maxq

  15. An elegant, to the point and smooth review.. best one till now.. you just got a new subscriber.. 🙂

  16. Does dell 7577 works fine with video editing and animation software? I am thinking to buy this

  17. Is the 16GB RAM option use one or two slot? I would like to upgrade to 32GB without having to buy another 2 sticks of 16GB.

  18. I love my 7577, I have almost the same model as this but with the 4K screen. It can run a few older games in 4K well enough, but 1080p scales 1:1 with UHD and looks great still. It was a $150 upgrade option from Dell but only available on models with the 128gb sata SSD.

  19. great review, i already bought it and its shipping soon is gonna be great

  20. I know this might be random, but is this good for gaming on AAA titles on medium settings?: Intel Core i5-8250U / 256GB SSD / 8GB RAM

  21. Which toshiba SSD specifically? I'm planning to buy for my 7567

  22. I did some research myself and I have to say that your video was the deciding factor for me, I had a budget of $1000 and decided that the lowest spec 7577 with 1060 Max-Q was the best option for me, I will order tomorrow unless I find a better computer for a similar price. I would appreciate it if anyone has a few suggestions for other laptops but I will NOT take any computer over $1100 WITHOUT a 1060 graphics card or anything similar in strength. I need to find a birthday present for my nephew since I missed christmas for him. He currently plays on a fairly old alienware 14 with 750m graphics. Should he need an upgrade or is this good enough and I can buy him something else? Thank you to all those take their time in reading and replying.

  23. I'm willing to spend about $1500 at most for a laptop. Can I please get help I am so confused. I just need model and makes. I really like the design of Asus and quality. But let me know

  24. I have this laptop! Only thing that sucks is that the only way to get full potential out of the gpu, at least for me, is to leave it plugged into the charger.

  25. Picked one of these up for $799 after rebate (same specs, i7-7700, 1060, nvme SSD, 16gb ram, etc) on cyber monday. Aside from a broken exhaust fan when it arrived which was a nightmare to get replaced, I'm pretty damn happy withi t!

  26. Unfortunately, I couldn't play Fallout 4 on mine. It would start having visual anomalies and then and freeze. End up sending it back. Really wish it would have worked out, I really liked the build.

  27. Just got my 7577, handles games like a beast for it's size, and it benched 3399 on Time Spy. I like it for the $1,000 deal I got. Thanks for bringing attention to the backlight bleed, mine looks nearly identical to yours. Since it seems to be an extremely common occurrence with these IPS panels, I'll likely keep it and deal with it. Raising screen brightness in color settings and dimming the backlight helps a lot. Earned my sub for this thorough review.

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