DELL G7 Review // The Best Gaming Laptop for $1100?

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Review of the Dell G7 7588 Gaming Laptop is a beefier version of the the Dell G3. It has a gtx 1060 and comes with 1 feature that other gaming laptops at this price point don’t have. It’s the most expensive out of the Dell G Series but still priced incredibly well. Watch for the full review!

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  1. The Dell G7 in Alpine White is pretty awesome! The screen could be better but I'm happy to see thunderbolt 3. Do you guys like this one or the Helios 300? Hit me up on discord if you have any questions! Https://

  2. I haven't found any good reviews on the G5, it's always the G3 or G7, anybody know why?

  3. I need a laptop for collage and a couple games , and I've been looking at this one but idk, any recommendations??

  4. I've been searching for 2 months now for a laptop, I can spend 1200 USD and I need a laptop for designing graphics and games, programming, editing, streaming and gaming. god help me. i also need it light and portable…

  5. saw the g7 at best buy and the screen/bezels looked like they were from the early 2000s. i might have to jump for that hp omen 15.. its $1199 on amazon right now, and the screen/specs seem amazing.

  6. That thing might as well be a stone slab to write on its so damn heavy …there are many lighter laptops with similar specs ..pretty in pearl white but def way to hefty and cumbersome to carry everywhere.

  7. Anyone know of a good a good laptop for content creation that can also game in the price range of $1,000-$1,300? Not expecting anything with a 1080Ti but I’d like to at least have an 8th gen i7 and 1060, a good screen, and preferably have it look less like a race car bed and more of like a mature adult’s computer. Anything like that out there?

  8. Acer predator helios 300 is way better than this. 144 screen and full 1060 with same price

  9. 4:45 i have the same laptop but it makes noise while playing game , its so quiet while not playing…. its first time i have a laptop and i was wondering if it is normal to make some noise for the fans..

  10. Looking for something like the g7 and in this price range but i want a decent display. What does the squad recommend?

  11. Hello Friend. I'm interested in buying this laptop this week. I want to ask you a favor. You think you can test the performance of this game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 with all the graphics in Ultra! And also the American Truck Simulator, since these 2 games are the ones that I play for now. If they work well, I'll buy it for sure. Thank you. I expect a positive answer. And excuse me the English, I used the Google translator. Speak Spanish.

  12. Another nice video, lolz @ 1980's TV look from the 720p potato cam lolz spot on. Any way it is a very well worked out product. Love Dell.

  13. Want a good gpu and a nice heat system go for MSI and if you can sacrifise screen then go for this one , G7

  14. My only problem with G7 is that Dell says it can use 32GB RAM, but cant. It's a problem Dell already knows but did not fixed it already. So I bought 32GB but can use only 20GB (4GB original and 16GB new)

  15. I've had this laptop for about 3 weeks now. While it's a great value, be careful if you're planning on upgrading the RAM and SSD. I spoke to DELL tech support and read a lot of comments online, this model is not compatible with most memory cards with performance. The only RAM compatible with this model is DELL which costs a ton of money and Crucial which is out of stock. Also for the SSD or if you're trying to add an SSD into an empty slot, you will have major problmes booting up the laptop and it will get stuck on DELL logo when bootin up after SSD install. Eventhough things i mentioned above suck, i still like this laptop for the money, it's better if you buy it with 16GB memory instead of 8GB.

  16. Hey Matthew, could you please review the Acer Aspire 7 laptop? It's specs are amazing. It's on par with the Helios 300 as it has a full GTX 1060, 16 GB RAM, and 256 GB SSD. And it also has a cleaner design and much cheaper than the predator.

  17. A few keys started to break off, so I sent the laptop into Dell. The technician did not see any problem, so they just sent it back, and the keys are about to break off. Other than the keyboard, this is an amazing laptop with great performance.

  18. I'm sorry if this may be a dumb question, but can I hook this up to an external monitor that has 144hz and still be able to utilize the 144hz?

  19. How is the max qrippled gpu be a better option?? You said it yourself in a live stream, it's 10-15fps slower than a regular 1060 on average. That's just horrible for gaming.

  20. Thank you for this video!! It honestly helped me buy this laptop and I am extremely happy with it, thanks to the better cooling, helping me out with some extra overclocking, it even able to play most games at 4k medium settings and handles vr like a champ!

  21. Damn, people need to go to the gym regularly and lift weights if they can't carry a laptop around all day with them

  22. hi dare I came across your channel n like the video I was wondering Is this laptop worth it im.thinking buying a laptop under range money so I was wondering .?????

  23. This laptop is not available in Europe Dell Stores, is there another way to buy it?

  24. How this I miss this laptop.. Yep this is the one for me to get

  25. about the White and Blue color scheme
    I'm pretty sure Dell was like "screw it" and just literally put the opposite of the Black and Red scheme they had on their last gens in response to the "black and red looks like shit" comments and reviews lmao

  26. Had mines for 3 months now! and don't regret one penny spent. its an absolute gaming beast!!! "unclocked". its pre set to turbo and gives you the option to toggle that feature. every game I threw at it that's graphic intense it ran at high to ultra high with out a twitch, especially the new ones. and still had ample room left over for more power and graphic card handling. for its purpose its definitely a bargain! I put Intel extreme tuning on it because i like pushing the envelope and i know what I'm fuckin doing. lol and the settings I'm comfortable with makes it that mush nastier. but if your a noob/douche at such software then I advise you to stay away. I can put it up against any high end Alien Ware or MSI and it will blow it out of the water with ease. fps nothing under 80! no its not excellent for photo shop, mesh implementation, hyper threading, web designing, art creating, kickass display, color this color that etc. keep in mind this is a budget gaming laptop and don't do all those pretty little things very well like a Mac Book. it makes up in the areas its supposed too! stabilized core frequency at its heaviest load without to much jumping, power management and graphic control, so it serves its purpose well…and yeah carry a sturdy back pack if you wanna haul this puppy around.

  27. The Helios' aesthetics is garbage but it's display is brighter and clearer than my future.

  28. ''just above we have the 720p POTATO CAMERA….if u ever wanna see wat u look like from a 90's/80's tv the web cam from this laptop will give u a great idea'' …that was just so straight forward XD.

  29. So this is “heavy” now try carrying a laptop from 7+ years ago when you are 8 years old btw I am weak

  30. I’m considering selling my Xbox one x for a gaming laptop. Do you think that’s a bad idea and what computer would you recommend for the $1000 and under price range?

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