Dell G5 Gaming Laptop Review and Benchmarks

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The Dell G5 Gaming laptop is a gaming laptop which features Nvidia’s Max-Q 1060 graphics and Intel i7-8750h 6 core CPU. In this review I’ll cover the features the laptop has to offer, thermals, battery life, undervolting and perform a series of game benchmarks to help you see how it performs.

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  1. Hey G5 VS G7? Oh man so confused and they have the same specs… Any reason I should consider the g7?

  2. Winter is coming! Nope its here june now and it a lovely 12c' outside. Overall build quality was very disapointing with the dell g i belive the 7 series did a better job on quality. Dell 8678? Would be cool if dell gave the next dell 7567 that name. Great review as always in depth, you didn't disapoint!!!

  3. I was looking at buying it couple of days ago for sound work, but apparently, after checking,, sales assistant told me when asked, that the m.2 slot is not pcie, but only connected trough sata. Maybe it is a regional thing ( Poland ). So I didn't buy it in the end and went with 1/3rd cheaper acer aspire 7 which also doesn't have pcie m.2 connection, but also it only has 2400mhz memory. Arriving tmrw. Apparently it is very quiet.

  4. Great video as always! I recently bought an HP omen with 1060 Max Q and i5 7300hq. In assassin's creed origins I'm averaging around 50 fps on very high preset whereas the G5 averages 55. Is the additional fps boost on the dell due to a better processor?

  5. Hard to decide what to buy 🙁
    Probably going for the Acer Predator Helios 300, GTX 1060, 256 gb SSD, 1 HDD, 16 gb ddr4 ram

  6. Great review! Also we`d be pretty happy to see undervolt/overclock procedure tutorial as video!

  7. It looks so much like my Dell 7577 but this is thr G5 i thought the G7 was supposed to be the new iteration of the 7577 with it being the 7588.

  8. Great video bro! I´ve alredy said this previously but i really like to see the different cooling desgins of each laptop and it really good to see how upgradable they are.

  9. I got a wifi problem with this laptop can someone help me?

  10. Hey ! It was a really good video as always, first comment to tell you that even on too expensive laptop for me i really apreciate watching this ! Keep going that way !!
    I wonder if should buy, a g5 i5 1060max-q or a alienware i5 7th gen 1060 (approximately same price), does the new intel really matter for gaming ?

  11. I am looking for a laptop for rendering and i7-8750h & gtx 1060 seem good parts for this
    other laptop to provide the above or this is the one?
    16gb ram + ssd 256 + hd 1+tb + 6core i7 + gtx 1060
    any other laptop to sugest? at 1500euro max?

  12. ********PSA********
    This is not meant to be rude just wanted to help y’all save a couple hundred and get more! This is one time where dell is cheaper than amazon

  13. Never understood the difference between G5 and G7. The G5 has the red chasis option, if I remember correctly. Also, I'd rather pay 50-100$ more for a better screen. The color gammot is really sub-par for a 2018 gaming laptop.

  14. nice video i dont know why g7 with same specs is cheaper?
    do make review of g7 same specs? white one i mean

  15. Shown: Dell Inspiron 15 7577, not the new Dell G7 which sports a BLUE logo, and BLUE backlit keys. So what's up if you get your laptops mixed up?

  16. I'm sorry but all 3 models of Dell's G series have BLUE logos, BLUE backlit keys and come in either Black or White.

  17. Were you ever able to figure out if the G5 has a backlit keyboard option, I know the G7 does. I chatted with someone from Dell and they told me it comes with, but none of the reviews I’ve seen, including yours have a backlit keyboard.

  18. quick question: What's the battery life when light surfing? Need this for school and I don't wanna always be plugged in.

  19. I have a question about gaming laptops if you can answer this. While playing video games for something like a 12 hour session should you constantly leave the laptop on charge or keep unplugging it when its battery gets full? Im wondering because when i recieve my laptop next month i will know what to do. As nobody on reddit or any website knows as they dont have laptops

  20. Great content! Looking forward to seeing more of your videos!

  21. Hi,
    What would be a safe undervolt value for this laptop? I am new to undervolting and I would really appreciate some guidance!

  22. Design-wise it looks like a rebadged 7567… Looks like they didn't work hard on the design.

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