CPU upgrade: Old high end or New mid range? (7700K vs 8600)

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Do you have an older mid range CPU, like an i5-6400 or similar, and want to upgrade but aren’t sure if you should get the high end CPU from your current (older) generation, or go with a mid range new CPU like the i5-8600? Let’s take a look at some benchmark results and find out.
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  1. I'd like to move to an i7-7700k have i5-4690k but havent got the funds currently

  2. How much wood, would a 7700k chuck, if a 7700k could chuck wood?…. Okay better trolling with Woodchuck, but tried to make it relevant

  3. If I upgrade anything other than my GPU I think I’ll build a new PC. Could do things like easily get a SSD boot drive, and a motherboard with more RAM slots

  4. I'm currently sitting on a locked i7 4770 . Do you think I would see much performance increase by getting the 4790k? Looking at about a 500 quid to upgrade the CPU due to a new mobo and ram :'(

  5. I got lucky and picked up a delidded liquid metalled 8700k on ebay for 240, works like a dream

  6. I have a i5 7400 should I upgrade to a i7 for better gaming experience

  7. Nice video dude. Will be a help to a fair few.
    Interestingly a mate of mine is still on 2nd gen i7 and getting decent gaming results. Mainly his GPU letting him down

  8. Currently running the i7-6700k and honestly don't feel any need to upgrade from it yet, only thing I would like to upgraded soon is my older R9 390 sapphire nitro GPU.

  9. Hello! I am building a gaming PC on a B350 mobo with a gtx 1070 and I am stuck right now on the cpu, should I get a 1700x or 2600x they are similar price right now

  10. I'd be happy to send you an i5 4590 if you want to test older cpu's. I'm UK based so it wouldn't be hard

  11. I got a 7700k and I got some buyer's remorse in light of the new 8700k. Will my 7700k be okay for the years to come.

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