Core i5 8400 vs. Ryzen 5 1600 Overclocked, Gaming Benchmark

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Core i5 8400 vs. Ryzen 5 1600 Overclocked, Gaming Benchmark

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  1. Hey guys, here’s yesterday’s discussion video for those that missed it…

    Sorry about my voice for this video (I’ve completely lost my voice now so tomorrows Upgrade My PC Please! episode might be delayed by a day), I would have delayed it for a few days but I did promise it today and honestly I can’t afford to delay the video. I have a full schedule on content for the next two weeks and right now I need to focus on the GTX 1070 Ti coverage for later in the week.

    Anyway hope you guys enjoyed the video and I’m keen to read your thoughts 🙂

  2. i5 is it dead with games making uses of 8cores and 16threds in the years to come will the i5 play them in all probability no,so go for 8cores now and save money in the long run. now that my crappy skylake has just died i may as well get ryzen 8core

  3. The important thing for me is that i always have 60fps, if in a game the 8400 will be at 100%, the 1600x will be at 85% so the it will have more headroom for other tasks.

  4. And there are some countries like Poland. Here Intel Core i5-8400 costs around 999 PLN (236 EUR) whereas AMD Ryzen 5 1600 costs around 880 PLN (208 EUR). Luckily I've just bought Ryzen for 779 PLN (184 EUR) due to Black Friday deal called Black Week [sic!] in one of the shops. And B350 motherboard (MSI B350 TOMAHAWK ARCTIC) was also significantly cheaper than Z370 (MSI Z370 PC PRO) counterpart (I needed legacy PCI slot.)

  5. Can you PLEASE tell me how to get accurate temperatures with the ryzen 5 1600 because I am getting a lot of variation in results from software to software.

  6. Hmm, same price with similar performance. I'll go with the 1600 because it does better with workstations.

  7. both cpu are great but look at the usage r5 1600x is on 30% and i5 8400 is 50%. That tells us that games run better and utilize more of Intel technology then amd. Hope that changes. Because intels greed is going nuts

  8. you switched your shirt 3 times in this video, but how?

  9. If all people bought a cpu for simply fps in games, that would be the height of stupidity. Any cpu that can deliver in excess of 60 fps in 1080p or higher resolutions is doing an excellent job.

    But industry and tech' reviewers seem hell bent on a Straw Man approach instead.

    At anything over 60 fps, at which pretty much all 3D intense games appear smooth in performance to the human eye, the arguments are moot and we're clearly only dealing with silly semantics and hair splitting over what constitutes an excellent computing performance across a wide range of cpu and gpu intensive tasks.

    The tech review industry is clearly fixated with perpetuating the straw man at the expense of plain common sense and rationality.

    Straw Man = The Ryzen Series are a complete waste of time since they are a few percentage points slower at gaming than similar MSRP range Intel chips.

    The Plain Truth = Pick one! both chips are excellent and who the f*ck cares that one is a little faster at most games? The actual real decider should be what you can afford. End of Story.

  10. So I’m considering buying a new pc and I’m stuck between these two CPUs. When I built my first pc I had an i5 4570 and it was all well until I realized I would have to get a whole new mobo and ram if I wanted a new cpu. So I’ve been wondering, how much longer is 1151 gonna last? I’ve been leaning to Ryzen because that socket type just came out and probably won’t change for sometime.

  11. Both are good. I think playing at 1080p is the most likely case for anyone building a new PC right now. The only issue I have with the i5 is the longevity; same as the current quad core i5s which are starting to fall off a cliff with newer core scaling titles. Also, the 1600 will ROFL stomp the i5 in productivity.

  12. How about locking the confused games to 4 threads and see if there's any benchmark changes?

  13. i5 8400 is only 2.8 Ghz and fucks the Ryzen 5 1600 OC in gaming, and AMD fanboys said that they lose in gaming because Intel has higher clock speeds. HAHAHA
    AMD Fanboys now "But but but Ryzen has cheeper motherboard.."

  14. Can somebody please help me

    Can i use Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB (2x4GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16 Memory Kit – Red with the Ryzen 5 1600 and the MSI B350M gaming pro?

  15. so steve want a little suggestion
    not an big of a gamer
    i play casual games mostly sports type(fifa/don bradman cricket) and i love open world type games
    my main priority is
    adobe photoshop+illastrator+after effects+camtasia and other programs that are used for graphics designing+video editing so which one of the below will be better for me?
    r5 1600+8gb ddr4 ram(prices are expensive af or else i would have definitely gone for 16gb)+gtx 1050(have a 720p monitor :'3)+b350+1tb hdd+in 2months a m.2ssd+450w 80+ certified antec psu
    i5 8400+b/h series mobo+same as above

  16. So basically this is pretty much like gtx 1060 vs rx 480 when they first came out. Their performance is really similar and one performs better in some games than the other. Really nice to see an i5 with a 6 core cpu and being really cheap.

  17. Both cpus are great. If you never ever ever edit anything, the i5 could be better for you. But a 1600 is a better overall cpu though, due to more threads.

  18. I'm sorry but 720p is irrelevant in my opinion, who games on 720p with a 200$ cpu? More threads is probably more relevant for future proofing i guess, due to DX12, Vulkan, Ryzen beeing on the new consoles, etc.

    Either way, both the 8400 and the 1600 are great, amazing budget chips, even though i believe that, unless you're targetting 144hz gaming in particular, the r5 is a lot better. It looses around 10% fps on average to the 8400 due to optimizations probably, but we're talking about 100+ FPS games here, not that you notice a difference.

    You probably will notice a difference in about 3 to 4 years time if you have 12 threads vs 6 though.

    The FX8350, which was horrendous on launch is actually just as good or ahead of a 2600k right now.

  19. He changes his shirt towards the end when speaking in favor of the i5 and R5. Nice.

  20. I'm a big fan of future proofing. Because I'm lazy and don't want to do the searching myself, can anyone briefly tell me which one is better after adding motherboard cost, future upgrades and all that to the equation? I plan to mainly record, sometimes stream and edit, without compromising on the fps, resolution and high-quality settings. Thanks.

    Edit: Oh, and also, I should add that the Ryzen 5 1600 is costing me $50 more than i5 8400. Weird, right? The Z370 board costs me $77 more than the B350 board.

  21. TLDR: With V Sync on you won't see a difference and pick your favorite company. 🙂

  22. Great Vid, Loved the T-shirt switch.

    I'd like to know how the i5 8400 matches up against the R7 1700,
    In South Africa @ the time of commenting:
    a build with the R7 1700 costs R18300 ~ $1330 USD and the same build with the i5 8400 for R17700 ~ $1290 USD
    From what I've seen so far the i5 will be better for purely gaming and if patient enough the i5 build could be much cheaper due to budget motherboards that still need to be released

  23. Steeeeve!Tell me what to buy kind sir!I game and sometimes stream to twitch my games.I dont mind spending about 40$ for z370 board..!Thank you!

  24. Which Processor will you suggest only for photo and video editing? I do not play game's..

  25. I thought game's are more customized for Intel processors.. Some game's does not uses all the core's.

  26. If you are a gamer… Buy Intel i5 series you massive faggots. Let's be honest, 90% of us are gamers. 90% of us got into this custom PC building scene because of wanting a better PC to play games. Do some of us do work on our pc as well , or make videos etc? Yes, but Intel does that just fine… maybe a bit slower than AMD at times but back to my first point. If you are mainly gaming, don't sell your self short to keep a few bucks. Save up and buy the Intel, it gives you that quality performance… no doubts. GG

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