CHEAPEST 1050 Ti Gaming Laptop (2017) – Eluktronics W650KK1 – Great Hybrid Gaming and School Laptop!

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If you’re looking for a laptop to primarily game on then you don’t need an i7 paired with that GTX 1050 that costs $1000+ (I’m looking at your major gaming laptop companies). How about we grab a CPU more reasonable, say the G4560? Don’t worry, if you decide you need more power in the CPU later on you can swap it out like you would in a desktop. Let’s also up that GPU to a GTX 1050 Ti; best to grab the most capable GPU you can afford in the price tier since GPUs most of the time set in stone with laptops (30-40% performance increase from a GTX 1050). Also, what’s up with high end gaming laptops still configured with those embarrassingly slow 1TB SSHDs (essentially 5400RPM drives with 8GB NAND storage which is arguably useless). I vote for SSDs to be the standard inclusion now. Last but not least, no one wants a 60 Hz TN panel. Ok, maybe you’d want TN for higher refresh rate/lower latency, but for most laptop panels this won’t be the case, so IPS it is. If all of that sounds good to you then you’ve come to the right video. This is what you get with the Eluktronics W650KK1.

Product page in case you’re interested in purchasing one or want to learn more:

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Lynnwood, WA 98036

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  1. Can someone please tell me what i can get for 700$ in this ? Thanks

  2. YOO how have I not heard of this? AMAZING, FULL desktop cpu AMAZING

  3. I built a tower with basically the same specs as this laptop, expect awesome performance from this !

  4. Man I need to look into more Chinese OEMs to trim the fat even more. This is some hot shit

    please do a video on how just show us you dont need to buy a cpu just show what to do lol

  6. also what app is that benchmark thing, cos i only use fraps, but that one seems better

  7. finally, do you think it is possible to updrade the 1050ti to a 1070 in the future?
    if only this had 8 hours of battery with no speakers it would have been perfect for me XD

  8. I went to the site and it looked liked a mess I didn't understand it well can u explain how to buy this

  9. None of the cringey red themed, cool brand name and good specs ? Get it !

  10. went to website … laptop is 1200 not 679 or anything close to it

  11. Look at that frame per second . 30fps lawl This laptop is no go for me .

  12. now this is how you review.. straight forward and tackling all the necessities.. unlike other videos making it about themselves

  13. You got a receipt for that laptop? They don't sell any of the 650 models for less than 1k….Seems like a paid advert to me, just lost a subscriber bud.

  14. Is this product ships india?……if ships …there any custom charges

  15. This vid was really helpful. I wanted a laptop I could tweak in the future, but I didn't think this kind of thing existed. Thanks, Danny

  16. Do any manufacturers make a laptop that takes desktop cpu's and have mxm gpu slots?

  17. I have 2 Questions just for interest 🙂

    1.) Can you install the latest Intel Core i7 on this laptop? Like the 8700 non-K (because the 65W)

    2.) What about BIOS Updates? Is there anything?

  18. Is there any way to overclock the ram and cpu on this laptop? BIOS isn't giving me the options change speeds.

  19. So the GPU is replaceable? Does it support GTX 1060 with the Max-Q design? Where can I get one?

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