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How to Unlimit your Framerate in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild using Cemu Emulator (Cemu 1.11.3)

► BSoD Framerate Unlock Graphics Pack

► FPS++

► My cemu 1.11.3 Setup guide

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► My PC Specs:
i7 7700k @4.7Ghz
16gb DDR4 3200Mhz RAM
GTX980ti 6gb
256gb M.2 SSD

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  1. When I do this, FPS is unlocked and animations seem to be OK, but the cursor in the menu switches too fast, sort of skips one or two positions, both in the game and main menu, which makes it unplayable – cannot properly even select a weapon.

  2. Bsod… I have a BIG problem… I dont understand it… When I downloaded 1.11.3, I had 45-60 fps ( in previus versions 25 was the highest), and I blocked it to 30, .. the game was running amazing, ( you can even check it on my channel) , Then… I tried to play 2 days ago… yesterday and today… and I have 15 fps… I Dont know what happened!… 🙁 help please 🙁

  3. I followed your Cemu 1.11.3 | The Ultimate Setup Guide

    and now I did this

    I haven't realised any difference since I added this BSoD Framerate Unlock Graphics Pack. Maybe slightly less fps now with this, but I'm not sure. Looks like all is the same.

    maybe it wasn't necessary for people who followed that guide?

  4. Hey guys i found a fix for us ryzen users with 1060 getting constant 60fps no fps drops or anything and getting 60 because i have a 60hz display but you might get more if you have a 120 or 144hz display

  5. i have an i7 7700HQ and geforce 1050ti but i can run the game with 20/25 fps, i followed all the steps but i cant encrease my fps. any suggestion?

  6. Okay, so i recently had to reinstall all the graphics packs, and now when i use this my game runs way too fast x_x

  7. Because of framerate unlocker i got control-bug in the game (when fps was 144 in the menu or inventory cursor are slipped off over one or more menu line) Someone faced such issue?

  8. So ive tried everything that i can possibly think of, but when i use your graphic speed up even with me going into the rules an changing the 144 down to the native 30 the game runs in. i get this weird speed issue where link will run normal then get a quick speed jump, like if i was using speed hacks. Cant seem to figure out why this happens an only with your pack.

  9. I have followed all of your videos for botw on Cemu 1.11.3… but after trying to unlock FPS so I can get 60 FPS, I followed this video, and now I get 60 FPS, but my game is running at double speed…. I followed everything you said and I can usually figure out how to fix these issues with BOTW and Cemu, but I cannot figure this one out. Any ideas?

  10. Hope some one can answer this but after following BSoD Ultimate Setup Guide and installing Framrate Unlocked im only getting around 60-75 fps when running outside
    and my PC Specs:
    CPU: I5 6600K overclocked to 4,6 ghz
    GPU: 1080Ti
    Ram: 16 GB DDR4 2666Mhz
    Harddrive: 500 GB SSD
    Monitor: Asus PG278Q 1440p 144hz

    Im using the 1440p Graphics pack and yes it requires of course more to run than Full HD but still im thinking that 60-75 fps is to low when you think about i got a 1080TI.
    I have also set Cemu to the Dual-core recompiler option just like Bsod said was best for a 4 core CPU. Is it maybe because i only have and i5 and not the i7 with all the threads you think ?
    If anybody out there have a similar system and running 1440p Resolution please tell me your FPS or any advise that could help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  11. I want to change my gpus I have 2×760 2gb, which could be a good gpu for cemu to play on 1080 30 fps or 60 if possible? My pc is an i7 2600k @ 4.3ghz 16gb ddr3 2133mhz and the 760 sli. Thanks!

  12. need advise man. i'm running a i-5 3570k gtx 660 2gb 16 gb ram game and emulator installed on hdd
    i get 18 to 22 fps. i did allot of the thing you suggested in you setupguild and this one. but stil no real improvement . what do you suggest? are my specs to low is there some think else i can try or do i need to upgrade my cpu or gpu.
    i really hope you can help me out here. any ways you channel is awesome

  13. Hey BSoD. Is there a fix yet for the sped up game menus? With this graphic pack on, it seems to make scrolling through inventory and other menus wayyy too fast. It's hard to navigate. Thanks!

  14. When I do this, it doesn’t make it smooth, but instead it makes it speed up REALLY fast. Does anyone have a solution?

  15. Thanks for the vid but the high FPS messes up the menus and makes them unusable imo 🙁 any fix for that?

  16. I was at 40 FPS and now i'm more between 50-60 FPS with a i5 4690K and GTX 980 4G and DDR3 – 16 Go 2400 MHz. I thought i would have gained more FPS. Maybe i should try to put the game on the SSD Samsung 580 EVO instead of my HDD Seagate Barrucada ? But it took me so long to install and make it work that i don't know if it worth the pain to do it all over again on the SDD if it doesn't help much i dont know.

  17. Also does this graphicpack is compatible with your Clarity GFX preset ?

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