Can This Budget “Radeon Pro” Workstation Graphics Card Play Games?

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Usually known for their red theming, the new iteration of AMD’s workstation graphics cards have arrived in a stylish blue fashion and after coming across a cheap entry level model online, my curiosity got the better of me and I had to find out if we could game on it.

Today we’ll be testing out a handful of titles, some new and some old, to see what it’s like using one of these for something it wasn’t really
designed for.

Graphics Card Used:
AMD Radeon Pro WX 2100 2GB

Thanks for watching 🙂


  1. Workstation cards are a crock. Pretty sure it was jayztwocents that used a GTX 1080ti in a workstation environment and it performaed the same, if not better than Nvidias Workstation card that cost around $6000.

  2. It's still stronger than my GT 640…

    I don't know if i should laugh or cry…

  3. can you make somethink similar with Radeon Pro Duo (32 GB, polaris 10 ) ??? i found great deal on it and its dual GPU card so im considering it …. im gamer and also student wanting to work on PC (photogrammetry, modeling, editing, programing) ..

  4. ok well a 750ti has better performance. In my old rig my 750ti could run fry cry 5 1080p medium to high settings, and they are pretty cheap too. You can find one on ebay for 50$ or $60 bucks. It's getting around 100-120 fps in fortnite 1080p low settings except texture and view distance,which are on high. Check you my channel and you can see for yourself.

  5. crysis seemed to be bandwidth bound, whenever you move forward quickly the gpu usage dropped significantly, i guess thats due to the game trying to stream new textures to the gpu core

  6. Lol, Random, Dude 🙂 You have over 200K subscribers, have you ever thought of asking Intel, AMD, Nvidia for a review samples of the new CPU or GPU? Or some other companies like Galax, Deepcool, MSI, Asus, etc. Your channel is very good, one of my favorite channels!

  7. Little better than my 1030 but probably the 1030 will win in more modern titles, crysis it can't stand crysis 1 at all lol

  8. ah ya see, when gta 5 was benched it shown 30% less than the 1030, lovely looking card though n doing well in older titles, damn it's a nice card

  9. Are this workstation GPU good enough to accelerate video for streaming Netflix and YouTube? I have an old HP s3300f that can only fit a low profile GPU.

  10. Where can I get workstation drivers for GTX 1060 6GB?

  11. So how does this compare to an rx550

  12. Dude, fix your fonts! M's are filled under, some parts of letters are missing…

  13. What about overclocking? I heard that professional cards are binned better and so might achieve some pretty decent clocks

  14. I picked up a i7 Lenovo ThinkCentre M93p yesterday for £15 from an office sale. It has intel 5500 on board graphics, also it is a low profile machine. Added to the fact the PSU is only 240w and has no extra GPU power cables.
    I'm not sure what is the best card to stick in it for a bit of gaming.

  15. It would be a beast at rendering and editing videos.

  16. Are you interested in selling this card? Give you what you paid for it.

  17. the problem with fortnite as a benchmark is that even on max settings it looks like crap and the game can run fine on any setup, personally i would swap fortnite for something like battlefield 4 which has a really well made game engine, looks fantastic even today and is a proper real-world cpu and gpu test

  18. My laptop specs:i5 2410m(intel hd 3000,4gb ram,nvidia gt 540m)
    Hey!I wanted to do some troubleshooting for my laptop with the fortnite game.Back when i started playing the game i had all my settings to low and 3d resolution to 80-90% with my default laptop monitor resolution(1366×768).I had a break between the end of season 3 until the end of season 4 because i wasnt able to access my device.Now that i got back into it and that i am playing it again,my fps is just insanely low.I now play fortnite on a 800×600 windowed small screen with windows optimized and with fortnite optimazion guides applied and i only get 15 fps with A LOT of stutter making the game just free every second for 2 seconds.
    Any help regarding this issue will be appriciated.

  19. i am buying five systems with i7 4770 in the for a total of 266 is that good or what

  20. I challenge you to take that old dell xps 720 case I have and make it great again it's absolutely massive and it looks great but it's Btx and I don't have time or tools to modify it to take atx board myselfe

  21. switching a workstation card from workstation drivers to gaming drivers knocks fps off….. use a gaming card with workstation drivers gain fps ?

  22. I most be out of date, what are the outputs on this card ?? isn't DVI and hdmi still a thing ?

  23. is this graphic card gonna work nice on CPU AMD a4-6300 ? please help

  24. I have a similar graphics card in my dell precision m6400 which is an AMD firepro m7740 which I believe was released in early 2009. Apparently, they never really called this laptop a laptop, but rather a mobile workstation which mine has an Intel core 2 extreme quad QX9300.

  25. Actually my RX 550 has 640 stream processors and 1071 clock , 35w

  26. If the specs I've read on wikipedia are correct, this card is most similar to but worse than a rx540 oem card due to having a 64 bit memory bus instead of 128 bit meaning only 48GB/s of bandwidth instead of 96GB/s. Still seems to perform alright, though.

  27. It seems to me like this is a good option for it's price if you're wary of older used cards. Do you agree?

  28. You should build a Testbed using the i3 8100 and 8gb of ram, its a bad idea to plug and remove gpus from your pcie slot so often, also i3 8100 will represent a real budget value pc with 4 cores, maybe get an Asus H310M-K mobo will solve the problem

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