Can The Budget NVIDIA GT 1030 Game? | PUBG, CS GO, And More!

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The GT 1030 is super cheap, but can it run PUBG, GTA 5, and CS GO? Check out this full reviewof the NVIDIA GT 1030!

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Video Index —
[00:00] Intro
[00:11] GT 1030 Specs
[01:01] GT 1030 Low Profile Info
[01:47] Battlefield 1 Benchmark
[02:20] CS GO Benchmark
[02:58] Deus Ex Mankind Divided Benchmark
[03:27] GTA 5 Benchmark
[03:57] Just Cause 3 Benchmark
[04:27] Overwatch Benchmark
[05:13] PUBG Benchmark
[05:55] Rocket League Benchmark
[06:28] Esports/non-esports Average FPS
[07:17] GT 1030 Power and Temperatures
[08:04] FPS Per Dollar
[08:52] Conclusion

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Ballistix Sport 2x4GB On Amazon –
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In this video I review the 1030 from NVIDIA and benchmark the most popular games: GTA 5, CS GO, Overwatch, PUBG, Rocket League, Battlefield 1, and Just Cause 3. I also cover the GT 1030 in power consumption and temperatures, along with average FPS in esports games like CSGO and standard games like GTA V and BF1. This NVIDIA GeForce graphics card is surprisingly strong for being a budget GPU!

Many models of the GeForce 1030 are available with low profile brackets for fitting into media center/home theater PCs. In addition to that, the GeForce GT 1030 is great for gaming on a budget, in prebuilt computers or low power PCs. The GT 1030 2GB I reviewed here is the MSI GT 1030 2GH LP OC, which is passively cooled – it has no fan so it’s completely silent! The NVIDIA 1030 is a must-have for super budget gamers or anyone who needs a holdover for a next gen GPU which should be right around the corner…

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  1. Will this work with a 220 watt psu and an amd athlon ii x2 240 (Planning on upgrading a pc for very light games)

  2. Note: On Just Cause 3 if you knock it down to 720p on the lowest settings you can range from 60 to about 80fps on average with better lows. I used the Gigabyte GT 1030 and it overclocked like a champ using the Aorus software.

  3. Pubg prefers dual chanell. Try to add one more Ram at leat on 4 gb and check the result

  4. Should I buy this card to use for 2 months until I get a Vega 56 or just stick with my laptop’s HD 4000?

  5. How do you think this would handle a game like War Thunder when paired with a ryzen 3 CPU?

  6. There's actually an RX 460 KalmX that's passively cooled. I think that's called modern too 😉 Nice video as always

  7. Dang, that is impressive. I didn't realize how decent this card was until I saw this video which inspired me to look up a comparison between this and the GTX 650 (which was what I was using before I got a GTX 970)… couldn't believe such a tiny card (passively cooled at that) literally performs 50% better than the 650. Technology is amazing.

  8. Why not a double GPU chip that is 2 GT1030 combine to draw less power and be more powerful, with 6GB of ram, so it would work like 2 GT1030 combine using less power than GT1060

  9. Actually pretty impressive. That's some serious value if you don't mind low settings or light titles

  10. This card is amazing for the price/TDP/lack of active cooling. Perfect card for my wife's future "The Sims and indie games" PC.

  11. Planning on building a pc and I have a really modest budget and I mainly play esports titles on low to medium settings. I was thinking of getting a 1050 but I think I'll get this instead. Thanks man, love the vids.

  12. why did you sell your RX 480? would have got a lot of cash for that, unless you mine yourself

  13. 'Virtually Silent'…. it doesn't have any fans, MSI. It's ACTUALLY silent. 😛

  14. And with those low FPS – don't push for 1080. Test 720 as well…
    Your testing is incomplete

  15. @ponchato Can you add Warframe to the list of test games? Thanks!

  16. @ponchato, I really like the quality of your reviews, keep the content coming.

  17. Great video on the 1030, although I think that it's only here to distract people that don't know too much about computers from the used market. For example the gtx 770, I think they want to distract people from that card because it's slightly cheaper

  18. I got a 1050 for $87.99 just I'm making a budget build just for fun, I have an Helios 300 because I travel a lot

  19. I have a gt 610 1 gb and I'm upgrading to the gt 1030 that is an upgrade for me.

  20. Could you add fractured space to the benchmarks please. Will appreciate it

  21. FLY the passive cards hit 81c pretty quick and start to termo throttle. A simple fix can stop that throttling and a OC can get you about 10-15% boost past the stock you have tested here. For reference mine gets 45fps in Rise of the Tomb Raider on low and over 70fps in Dragon Age Inquisition on low and about 55fps on medium.
    Funny enough it is the VRM, not the GPU that warms up more, so getting a card with a fan is better. Unless you are cool with sticking a 80mm or 92mm fan on the card with zipties running on low rpm, like I did to my EVGA 1030 passively cooled card. With that giant heatsink the card barely hits 55-60c at 25-30c ambient when pushed and overclocked to the max (including 5-6 hours of heaven benchmark and the giant donut of death ran repeatedly to determine max stable speeds). And the GT 1030 is very good overclocker I got +125 on the core that was already pre-overclocked by EVGA with some 30MHz. And +885MH on the memory, which gets better OC results than the core clock btw. So it is running at 7774MHz on the memory (1943MHz memory clock) and around 1800+MHz on the core clock hitting regularly 1911MHz with the GPU boost. The only thing preventing mine from better results is the power limit from the VRM. If the power slider was unlocked it could even far better with the DIY cooling solution.
    If anyone knows of someone crazy enough to have hacked the card with custom Bios just for fun Please send a link. 🙂

  22. Can you do a compare with the igpu of intel cards, how much better performance will it given the other option is free.

  23. Lol I’m actually really impressed . Even some of the worst are better than console !!!

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