Can AIR COOLER Overclocks to Core i7 7700K – GAMMAXX GT Performance with temperatures [In Hindi]

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Overclocking CPU is very fun and feels good only if you have good CPU cooler that can cool that CPU in high load in high frequency. So I have one Expensive, high-end air cooler with me and I have tested it out with my core i7 7700K overclocking.

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  1. I7 7700k ke sath cooler master hyper 103 air cooler accha hain

  2. Bhai or agar overclock nhi krna ho toh 8700k me air cooler chal jaiga

  3. Currently i have 212x. its great for stock clock but cant handle overclock above 4.0ghz. my temps always goes up like 90c+. i have old 4670k. is there any budget water cooler that is more better than 212x ? and also i want to buy 4790k if any one wants to sell than pls tell me.

  4. Bhai mid tower case Mai kiya koi v liquid cooler fit hoga?

  5. I have HP 15q bu007tu laptop running Windows 10. Can I format it back to DOS just it was when purchased? How to do it? Please explain the procedure.

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