Buying an Xbox One X vs Gaming PC Build [4K 60FPS]

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Budget Xbox One X Killer Possible? Nope. 4K Gaming PC vs Xbox One X – July 2017 – 4K 60FPS Compact Gaming PC Build! How much is a 4K 60 FPS PC build vs Xbox One X? Flexbox is a compact Gaming 4K 60 FPS PC & better than Xbox One X! Is it worth building over the $499 Xbox One X? ▶Subscribe:

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Windows 10 Pro for $30 –

Case –


CPU Cooler –

Motherboard –






Flexbox Standard –

Flexbox Budget –

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  1. Destiny 2 on PC with better Graphics + 60fps>>>>>>>>>>>>>>XBox One X 30fps

  2. but flex box is over 1000 bucks but u can games cheaper on pc and free online gaming

  3. That's it I give up. I can't find a PC that is around the same price of an Xbox One X that beats it. The Xbox one X wins for the budget. That's what I'm getting.

  4. But can you get the same performance with the same price? Because that rig is way mor expensive

  5. PC plebs are salty af but you can't deny that the 1X is the most bang for your buck. Not only that but the community is much larger as well.

  6. Just started watching this YouTuber on this video and realized that his last name is Esposito yayyy I never thought a YouTuber who does it for a living (big YouTuber) would have the same last name as me that’s shocking

  7. its just that the x box one doesnt do native 4k and doesnt do 60 fps

  8. I'll choose Flexbox. The capabilities of a PC in a console form factor sounds intriguing. Free online gaming and more games than I can shake a stick at, he'll yeah!I'll build one for the family.

  9. The xbox one x couldn't not have been made or delivered to the shelves of your local Walmart and game stops without a Pc. Computers are the back bone of America. Oh and if u haven't noticed halo was coded on a pc and all other games and programs are coded on pc </> content cannot exist without advanced architecture Which is a Pc. every thing you thought was virgin on ps4 or xbox one is not. hell even the xbox chassis are designed on pc through AutoCAD. xbox was touched and fondled oh and even trial and error on a pc long before you ever got to play it on ur consoles. come post a comment when ur xbox one x can can run crysis at 8k or 12k without that Asian hardware burning down your man/woman caves. xbox will never in life compete with evolving hardware I7 770k 8700k i75960x 1800x or thread ripper $1500 processors for real gaming and productivity coming from intel or AMD. Basically pc gave birth to consoles "literally" argument over…..

  10. He keeps referring to "the console experience" like it's amazing. Bruh consoles will never out do PCs….you're running at 30 FPS on them, you can play on 60hz 4k screens but the source can only provide 30 fps… idk what you're talking about, even if you have to spend 2-300 more for PC, the overall difference is totally worth the price. Anyone can afford this shit it's just a matter of time how long certain people have to save the money…1 month..6 month ect

  11. Wait for the Volta chip, mid to low end model probably run equal to (1080 ti =11.3 teraflops) (xbox one x = 6 teraflops)

  12. Well Xbox One X is way cheaper, and has more games, and is smaller.

  13. I appreciate the effort but it's videos like this that make people think pc gaming is expensive.. you are just making the mis informed more mis informed… a gtx 1060 with a mid level i5 would have performed better but similar to the 1x. To compare Apple's to Apple's you need to only test games that have adaptive settings on pc like all 1x games do.. if this video was titled "how to dominate the 1x with a pc" then you would have been bang on

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