Building and Benchmarking a Ryzen 3 PC!

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—PC Parts Used—
AMD Ryzen 3 1300X:
XFX RX 570 4GB:
MSI B350 Tomahawk:
Deepcool Captain 240EX RGB:
(alternative: Stock Ryzen CPU Cooler)
BeQuiet Dark Base 700:
(alternative: Phanteks P300 TG:
8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4:

—Our Studio Gear—
Panasonic Lumix G85 (Primary):
StudioPRO 1000W Softboxes:
Audio-Technica AT2035:
Yamaha MG10XU Mixer:
Panasonic FZ1000 (Secondary):
Neewer Microphone Arm:
Alphacool Build Mat:


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‘Healer’ by Gregory Esayan
‘Astronaut’ by JWeo
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  1. "Budget Build" with a BeQuiet 700 Case and an AIO. This is not a budget build bruh !!

  2. what air cooler should i get for ryzen 3? not more then 60-70$. I get 60, 70 max on the stock one with 3.7ghz oc.

  3. I'm sorry, but this might sound noobish, but how is 8 gigs of ram "bare bones"? with the price of the stuff, it's honestly the last thing I would upgrade and would happily buy eight gigs of it to build a PC for myself, so how is eight the minimum?

  4. Just gonna drop by here and say that Unreal Engine 4 games (PUBG, Fortnite) don't support SLI (unless specifically stated) so you were running on a single GTX 1080!

  5. F%*K coil whine! I’ve got a 750 ti that had coil whine to the point when you moved the mouse slightly it’d make that horrible screeching noise
    BTW thanks for the great content and really enjoyed the live hour on “Sunday”, Monday in Aus land

  6. Similar build I put together for my daughter, but went with nVidia and much less expensive case. The PC rocks and I'm jealous!

  7. I like your outro: "Dislike if you disliked it or hate everything about life" It's unique to you and you should keep it.

  8. A good case that I just got for my first build is a thermaltake v31. For the price I think it is worth checking out, but it is no where near as nice as the case you got in this video hahaha.

  9. Can someone make me a budget gaming pc on pcpartpicker please? I only plan on playing rainbow six siege at 60 FPS

  10. Since its a budget build, why not just use the cooler from the box since its a budget build?
    Use the saved money on an SSD. HDD is just terrible as main disc.

  11. Want to build a new pc > asked my friend for opinion > he build his pc last year, saying 16gb ram is standard for gaming pc now > checked the price on newegg > come to youtube searching "4gb ram gaming" > bought the ps4

  12. I find the gpu does go louder when it's in the facing out position has its directed straight out. but if you place it back in normal Pci-E slot the noise may go away as the fans spin better while hanging down. It's similar to case fans they are pushed out from the centre to reduce noise..of coils. Nice build Bro.

  13. That thing reminds me of the MCP from the original TRON… End of Line.

  14. 67 people disliked due to jealousy of not getting a RX 570 close to MSRP

  15. Wait, did he just built a computer on a carpet with a woolen sweater without esd protection ?

  16. It's been a while since I've watched your videos, your videos have improved a ton (not that they were bad to begin with). Great work

  17. Back in January I got a 8GB 2400MHz Ram stick for $35, and I got a different brand one for $65, now they are like $100 a piece. Damn, I got the 16GB for the price of one 8GB stick, maybe less.

  18. Nice, but dont wear sweater when building a pc it can be dangerous! Static electricity is wicious.

  19. this is a stupid build, no offense. The cooling not only costs more then the CPU or the RAM put inside, it's water cooling for no purpose other then saying you use water cooling. A noctua setup would not only be more efficient and cost less, it would even be more silent. Even the motherboard costs less then the cooler.

  20. i transferred my new build from a nzxt 340 elite to the dark base. It was well worth it. My system stays way cooler, cabling is a lot cleaner,cabling managing was pretty easy. Yes it is on the bigger end of the mid tower range. They could make a version of the dark base 700 without it being modular and that should help cut the price. Excellent Case.

  21. My build is going to be very similar to this, found this by chance and it uses a lot of the same stuff mine does

  22. "I love AMD…. #
    My blood runs red and true…. #..

    Very nice build you've done, probably a bit better than my relatively unbalanced (currently) i7 6850K 6gb gtx1060 build. Should I ever come to make a new build I'm definitely switching to Red Team. It's like they give the impression they hear out their customers sometimes, but as of late…. Intel though….

  23. Personally I would ditch all air coolers in PC's today. Big Bulky heat sinks hurt case airflow and add to the temperatures inside the case. Instead of expelling the heat directly to the outside heat sinks radiate heat inside that then needs to be expelled . Everything heats up more than if there was a water cooling solution.

  24. why is ram so expensive i just bought 8gb of ddr4 ram on amazon for 116! couple months ago it was below 100! (ALL CAD)

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