Budget Gaming PC – Rs. 30000 Part 2 : Gaming, Benchmarks & Giveaway – Let’s Game

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Let’s Game on the Budget Gaming PC :
1. Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2 :
2. CPU : Core i3 7100 :
3. GPU (optional to begin) : GeForce GT 1030 / GTX 1050 : /
4. RAM : HyperX Fury 8GB :
5. Storage : Seagate Barracuda :
6. Cabinet : Corsair 100R :
7. Power Supply : Corsair VS450 :

Giveaway :

Other Stuff:
Windows 10 Home :
Bose Companion 2 :
Logitech G102 :
Texet Flamer :
HP Curved Monitor :
Havit Mousepad :
Xiaomi Wow stick :

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  1. Bro can I use a 720 p monitor with a refresh rate of 100 Hertz will it be suitable and give a decent output??

  2. I need to make YouTube videos and I have a potato PC pls pls pls pls I need this

  3. Pleeeez Bharat sir 4GB Graphics card ka pc Build kre 35k ke budget m pleeeeeeeeeeeeeez…

  4. ചുമ്മാ ഇതൊന്ന് നോക്കാം അല്ലെ

  5. Hey the setup looks very easy… I had just one question whether the build requires soldering??? like attaching the motherboard and all

  6. I want to build a PC for the AutoCAD use and for small scale programming….Plz suggest the componant parts including all.
    Thank you

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