Best Gaming PC Case Under $50? — DIYPC Model X Review

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This might just be the best gaming PC case under $50! Here’s my review of the DIYPC Model X RGB gaming PC case!

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  1. I spent about 115 on a case 8 years ago and I'm still using it, it's a full tower so it'll fit pretty much everything and was a good buy, I've got no intention of buying a new case anytime soon

  2. They make good cases! And they look amazing to it’s surprising how good their cases are for the price for 50$ that’s dirt cheap for 2 Rgb fans and a psu shroud plus a tempered glass panel pretty good

  3. Btw that hole is there so you can see the label of the psu for the wattage and amps without removing the psu Incase you didn’t know I guess. It’s a newer trend oddly

  4. i can see the price tag still u get quite a bit doesnt look like it will have great airflow

  5. lol i would just stab holes in there haha im thinking of doing a diy buy making several drill holes in the front panel of my pc it comes off but they could have doesn better because i want to make the rgb fans to look really goo right behind the glass this is why theres literally no reason for sides to not be smaller on the inside cuz they serve no perpose at all and only farther down u get a nice inch gap and from the bottom . Im talking about the cullinan case by rosewill it is a very beautiful very glassy smoked look so u need some good rgb to light it up or else it way tinted i also want to do proper push pull at the fron hence the mod to have a 360 rad push pulling from the front and i know i can drill some holse on the sides further to the front theres honestly no reson not to yea it will be open to dust but i dont care i clean my pc often

  6. Was watching this video with a friend…. After watching he said: "Everything is fine but where's the benchmarks…??"


  7. Yeah, that would be a disaster if I build in there for the first time. This is for experience builders like you

  8. Rx550 low profile vs GT 1030 both 2 GB tell me please and GT 1030 support Dx 12?

  9. Lmao so why would you buy it if it's a hotbox anyway? Do yourself a favour and pay 9 dollars extra to buy the phanteks p300

  10. Great review. Only thing I would have wanted to see was how the cooling was compared to some other cases. I'm worried with that tiny mesh there would almost be no cooling potential.

  11. A bunch of phanteks high end cases have that opening to show the psu. As long as u know ur going with a case that has that then you order a psu that is aesthetically pleasing. I actually dropped from wanting to buy a 650 g3 from evga to getting the 650 gq because the gq was 10mm longer and filled the opening in the shroud. With the g3 there would of been a small gap n you'd be able to see some wires on back of the psu. Not that it's much of a "drop" still a gold rated seasonic built unit lol.

  12. I am planning to get good pc with phenix case is it good?

  13. Great review and great channel. I've been watching you grow Zach! You are almost at 10k subs!

    DIY PC cases definitely are the type of cases you do not have to wait on for a "good deal" if you really need to get a PC Built Rockin' and Rollin'

    Or in other words for the most part they provide the best bang for the buck for the most part!

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