Azulle Inspire Mini PC Review – Fanless Silent i3 / i5 / i7 Barebones Desktop PC Windows / Linux

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Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link int’l below) – Azulle’s fanless Inspire mini-PC comes with a laptop class i3 , i5 or i7 processor. See more computers: and subscribe for more!

See all options here along with memory and storage recommendations: – (international affiliate link)

See my initial unboxing and disassembly here:

00:47 – Hardware overview
02:19 – Ports and Connectors
03:10 – USB-C port
03:48 – USB-C is data only
04:16 – Performance: YouTube
04:40 – Performance: Web Browsing
04:53 – Benchmark: Speedometer test
05:14 – Performance: Microsoft Word / Office
05:34 – Gaming: Rocket League
06:01 – Install RAM in pairs for best performance
06:33 – Gaming: Counter Strike GO
07:03 – Gaming: Minecraft
07:21 – Benchmark: 3DMark Cloudgate
08:06 – Thermals
09:08 – Kodi and home theater
10:15 – Linux & Alternative Operating Systems
11:06 – Conclusion and Final thoughts

I like that this computer has a full power mobile i3/i5/i7 processor yet can run fanless. This is not a power sipping Core M but a decently powered device. My review unit came with an i5-7200U processor that we’ve seen in many laptops this year. All of those laptops had a fan, this mini PC doesn’t.

Surprisingly it’s able to keep itself cool even under heavy load. We did not see any significant throttling or performance issues with it.

This will make a decent general purpose computer and should do equally well as a HTPC for home theater use.

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  1. Same hardware and memory specs as my Dell 7378 13" laptop. One can always add a USB powered external fan on top of this box if they choose, and with an attached USB TV tuner, this would make a nifty media server.

  2. You can't expect Thunderbolt connectivity on a sub-$500 computer.

  3. Lon. Would you mind reviewing the GIGABYTE BRIX GAMING UHD?

  4. I was wondering if it would run warm enough to heat a room. It gets cold in Minnesota.

  5. I am impressed by the cooling of this fan less device!
    Can you say how hot does it get after 1 hour of gaming?

  6. Azulle slays budget end PCs!! (At least from what I've seen)

  7. Great design and performance. Kudos to Azull for bringing out a pre-built heat sink case PC. Not sure why other manufactures haven't gone down this road. Most fan based mini PCs seem to throttle and have a lot of fan noise.

  8. would it be possible to hook up a NSA and a extenal blu ray burner and rip blu rays and store on the NAS?

  9. I wonder if they will make some models with coffee lake processors soon.

  10. Good video as always, but to be fair, and I've said this before in a comment, getting these low-end-ish computers running Linux off a USB drive (SSD/HDD/USB stick alike) doesn't necessarily mean it'll run as well when installed natively. I had an Intel NUC a while back and it ran Linux (Sabayon Linux, as well as macOS Sierra via Hackintoshing) just fine when installed to disk (as well as off a USB device), but you can never be too sure since Linux Live sessions can be strange with hardware sometimes…

    Though yeah… good video.

  11. Great little device…another great review as usual… much ram did you put in it and how much storage

  12. Just to note, the i7 version has an external fan on top of the unit.

    Other than that, I definitely dig the onboard RS-232 (i.e. serial interface port). I have a lot of data logging equipment which utilises it and I never had any luck with USB to serial interfaces with any reliability to them. Driving over 45 minutes to a remote site just to unplug the interface and plugging it back in to get it working again is not something I really want to do. Having it natively on the motherboard and on a budget barebones unit is a definite plus.

    Another bonus, it uses a 12 volt DC power source which great for mobile or remote powered applications. Don't need to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to.

    A great budget find that will suit my needs with some decent horsepower to make my next project build a little bit more future resistant.

    Keep up the great work!!!

  13. Too expensive. Plenty of alternatives. Complaining about the usb-c port would normally be silly to me, but you definitely have a good point about it for the $$$.

  14. why do u always say uNbuntu Lon? it is Ubuntu… without the extra N… Love your channel btw, keep up the good work.

  15. Another thingy. If these devices are more for home theater experiences, as you say, isn't it then better to test a dedicated linux home theater distro, like openelec, libreelec or geexbox?

  16. Ports are so bad ! It should have a 3.5mm audio on the back , VGA and two other USB 2.0 (For keyboard and mouse).

  17. Great review. However i’m very concerned it’s passive cooling ability. According to Intel the CPU might be allowed to reach 100 Celcius before throttling. Could you monitor temps while you put some load on it? According to test at Hexus a similar fanless pc (Msi’s Cubi 3 silent) was overheating itself very easily.

  18. When you received items on loan from companies and give them a not so stellar review, do you worry that might affect getting any future items for review for free? This item seems like a nice box, but as others have said the price puts it in a tough spot with competition devices that accomplish the same task.

  19. open source doesn't necessarily mean free and closed source doesn't necessarily mean paid.

  20. I want my office to be quiet. The loudest thing in the room – by far – should be the occasional purring of the cat.
    – Linus Torvalds

  21. Curious how well it would handle Plex transcoding. Is the built-in wireless AC?

  22. I knew that nucs (intel models with 7th gen processors) are having flickering issues with 4k monitors. You mention everything was ok, could you do a long test with ur 4k monitor? You have gained a subscriber!!

  23. If you let the unit heat up before taking the sticker off it should be easier to remove. I usually use a hair dryer to remove stickers and labels and most times it comes off clean. Be care of highly sensitive electronics.

  24. For anyone thinking about making this a plex server, the i5 has a passmark score of 4672. Plex roughly recommends 2000 points per 1080p video you stream that needs to be transcoded and 1500 per 720p video . This pc can handle roughly 2 1080p videos at a time or 3 720p videos. You can get a SFF (small form factor, aka a small mini pc but larger than this) pc on eBay, used, for about $100 or less that can handle more than this. Even a $70 pc with an i5 2500 CPU is roughly comparable to this. This will draw much less power through and be much smaller. Anyone on a budget should look for a used 2nd or 3rd gen i5 computer on eBay, even a 1st gen will do for a single stream.

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