Awesome Hardware #0149-B: DRAM Makers Sued, Vega 20 Leaks, Intel 10nm Delayed

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Awesome Hardware #0149-B: DRAM Makers Sued, Vega 20 Leaks, Intel 10nm Delayed
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1.) NEWS
Samsung, Hynix And Micron Slapped With Class Action Suit Over DRAM Supply Collusion And Price Gouging

Why this year’s insane graphics-card price surge might be over

Intel Delays Mass Production of 10 nm CPUs to 2019

Early AMD Vega 20 3DMark11 benchmark result spotted

AMD possibly confirms?

Blue Origin successfully launched and landed its New Shepard rocket

Boeing slams the Falcon Heavy rocket as “too small”

New galactic map shows the positions and brightness of 1.7 billion stars



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  1. Intro (0:20)
    Awesome Hardware Hiatus – 1:32
    Stores – 2:30

    News (3:50)
    DRAM Makers Sued – 4:06
    Historical precedent on DRAM price fixing – 8:25
    GPU price Surge over? – 16:12
    Intel 10nm delay – 25:33
    AMD Vega 20 Leaks – 30:28

    Tales From Space (33:30)
    Blue Origin Successful Launch and Landing – 34:08
    Boeing takes on Space X – 40:54
    New Galactic Map Shows Position of Stars – 45:27

    Donations/ Shout outs – 50:10

    Game Time – 59:32

  2. How much do I need to donate to get Kyle to stop talking about dicks?

  3. It's Market Manipulation, and that is Fraud to the highest degree. Executives and managers responsible for making said price fixing decisions should face between 5 and 15 years in prison.

    Defrauding MILLIONS out of money is worse than even henious ponzi schemes that defraud a few thousand. The people running those types of schemes get between 3 and 25 years in some cases…

    These actions need consequences to stop people doing this in future. If an executive doesn't want to go to jail they shouldn't be engaging in price fixing. The companies involved should work based on a serial number scheme where people can claim back X amount/percentage of the cost as a result of this.

    It's rediculous & a fine won't stop these companies from doing it again in the future.

  4. RAM Cartels for sure. Give em an inch and they’ll take your house. The apex of the pyramid is not a friend to humankind. Time to wake up and get our house in order. Those responsible should be held to account and measures should be put in place to prevent reoccurrence of a similar offence.

  5. Paul this is the profit I posted on Kyles channel about how much Samsung made in 1rst qtr
    this is the conversion from $15.69 trill won ……>>> $14,570,410,239.00 Billion Dollar in 1 QTR REALLY SAMSUNG WOW!!!!
    so they dont think there is price fixing ……..NO we are just all Idiots …. I used to like Samsung now just like the rest all Crooks
    !!!! Gee between them #Ngreedia we dont stand a chance!!!!

  6. Good luck on the lawsuit I won the Mcafee one along with millions of other people yet they charged me again this past week even though COURT ORDERED to provide free service for 1-3 yrs depending on how long we had them……so yeah good luck ever seeing a dime……im still waiting on my Intel money from 8 yrs ago too……yeah and the last RAM lawsuit screw over they lost in Court NEVER SEE A DIME!!!! its funny they know where to find you to get you signed up but never know where to send you your money even if live in same place 30 yrs ,,,,,yeah its not about us consumers its about lawyers and Greed on all sides!!!! As for MOney owned from the first Ram lawsuit I am owed $198.26 the current mcafee one owes me 2 yrs free service or a full refund I choose refund they went and charged me for a new yr even after i shut off auto renew 8 months ago NICE COMPANY HUH!! I have contacted the judge in each case and told to contact the law firms for my money…..well i am sure you know how that went…….yrs later first Ram suit Not a dime……new mcafee im still waiting 6 months later after 4 emails and 3 Phone calls to law firm……THEY dont care about us only the money!!!

  7. I'm just imagining Trump tweeting a selfie in space with "suck it commies" as the title.

  8. Intel slumped on actually developing anything new for so long they're behind the game noe. Almost all "xxxx-lake" stuff is just 14nm improvements to Skylake and nothing else except more cores

  9. And AMD is there with their 10nm Ryzen+ twiddling their thumbs.


    have a good time guys.

  11. Hey Paul would it be within your power to making any future videos about the ideal computer for music production?

  12. help, trying to update bios to 4.60 for wifi for fatality asrock ab350 gaming-itx/ac

  13. In the graph you can see ethereum rising again. Which can only means a resurge in gc prices

  14. It appears i got my Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 at its lowest price LOL.
    But also got just 8GB of RAM.. Now i need another 8 but the same kit is out >.< IDK WHAT TO DO!!!

  15. I know shipping is money. But literally every GPU you guys check in every Awe.Har. show is 100 bucks more expensive here in Bulgaria WTF

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