Awesome Hardware #0137-B: Ryzen+Vega CPUs Spotted, Dell’s Reverse Merger, PIMPMYPC

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  1. i'm seriously thinking about unbusribing both of you because of the coments about something you apparently don't know what you're talking about, i'm talking about Adoredtv and Ryan conflict of interest with shrout research and manufacturers. You talked a lot and basically said nothing to the matter. i think you feel threatened and it's so easy to be on the Ryan's side even with the points he hightlighted. I've listening to 15min of this so called tech drama and learned nothing.

  2. I had the privilege of drinking with Kyle in Las Vegas. I just wish I could remember it.

  3. So after watching almost all of your videos on build and reviews along with many other youtubers i am in trouble. I want a bad a** computer but dont want to spend a lot of money(i have this covered…many hours on newegg) Is there anyway you could throw me a bone(not hardware or anything like that) just advice.

  4. So I wanna upgrade my g4560 cpu to an i5 7500 I have a b250m bazooka motherboard. Somebody please confirm that this will work

  5. Been thinking a lot of sending a package down there. was going to send to bitwit cause he had been checking his po box… so glad i didn't send it yet :

  6. Hello. A bit late for the questions but I have one.

    Can I turn OFF the LED's of the COrsair Vengeance LED RAM? I've found some at an ok….ish price but I don't want lights in my system.

  7. @36:00 I ran a CX430 with a [email protected] and a HD [email protected] for YEARS! with three 120mm fans, 1 SSD, 2 HDD, DVD, and a small LED 🙂

    Granted, i did research and at the time the CX430 was basicly a rebranded Seasonic 550 watt (output) PSU that didn't pass QC and they just put a 460 watt breaker in it. Before the build i figured it would take about 380 watts under synthetic load (Prime95 and Furmark). Then upgrade to two! HD 7850 for shits n gigs, kicked the breaker at about 1.2GHz and left it at 1.1GHz rock solid. Then got a HD 7950 which was perfect at 1.2GHz, THEN! picked up a PC POWER & COOLING SILENCER Mk III 850W PSU that allowed me to push the HD 7950 with the assistance of Liquid Metal Ultra to 1.4GHz!!! at which point i went to the bathroom while running Furmark and came back to a black screen and dead GPU 🙂 it was in Crysis 3 dome area stable for an hour before that (think 80 something C and loud AF). Then got a R9 390 8GB that i got now.

    BUTT! the CX430 was only like that for about a year.. in 2011, still good after but not nearly as much, and the CX400 has always been hot, slippery, infested, garbage, poop

  8. Guys,can you check out ASUS's new TUF series motherboards!!!!,and please make a video on GPUs coz their prices are spiking up even from the mid range!!!,also give your thoughts if the new Ryzen processors with Vega Graphics can beat discrete GPUs like 1050/1060s and can they run AAA title games!???,please make a video on it,guys,it'll help a lot in building a Budget Gaming PC!!

  9. It's funny how Paul got all the dislikes for Kyle's ASS approach to the AdoredTV/PCPer topic. By funny, I mean unfair. Somehow that's everyone's approach to the situation anyhow – if they can draw entertainment from it, ethics don't matter at all.

  10. I went to my local computer centre and I found a gtx 1070 for around 500 us… Price is still bad but its cheaper than online…

  11. OMG HERO WAS IN THE THUMB>>>>>SO COOL when did you teach him to drink Paul???!!!

  12. Bitwit
    Re. Tech Drama: Do us all a favour and get yourself a Darwin Award

  13. Love you guys, but gotta say. Little hypocrisy, Paul. Defending Micro Center for price hikes from MSRP to market value (which I'm totally cool with — can definitely suck for consumers, but just makes sense) but down on the newegg for the affiliate link change. Different symptoms of the same root cause. You kind of addressed this. If you argument is just "Hey, be more forthright in explaining why you made this change." I get that. But in terms of affiliate links, why would they pay people for those now? The cards are going to sell regardless, why should they cut a couple percent off the top due to a link someone used? It's not actually providing any value to them.

  14. Looking at other people's miserable PC makes me feel better~

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