ASUS VivoBook Pro Laptop Review and Benchmarks

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The VivoBook Pro is a slim and lightweight 15 inch laptop from ASUS. In this review I’ll show you what the laptop has to offer, as well as how it performs through a number of tasks and games to help you decide if it’s worth it for you.

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This laptop was sent to me for a couple of weeks to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Thought it was a pretty good laptop until you got to the price, way too expensive for the graphics card. With a 1050 card this thing is super over priced, it should be sub $1000 USD.

  2. Hi, I think I'm going to buy this laptop. I live in Italy and I found it on Amazon with 16gb of ram and 1tb hdd+128gb ssd at 1000€ (around 1200 USD). Do you recommend that version for that price?

  3. why is it TN panel? other review says IPS panel with 100% SRGB.. im realy confused

  4. well kind of the limit point for a a gamer and after 2 years you probably won't be able to run that well so it's is soso but not everyone run the lastest title i would love that you include some kind of esport title to see what performance de cpu offer(more fps more task to manage) seem on this one doing a nice job since your more limited from the gpu side of thing since low%(fps) keep getting better low so the cpu seem doing is job still for a gtx 1050 i thinking a i5 should be a better mach 4 core 4 tread

  5. I prefer the coming 2700U laptops coming. Might not be as powerful than the 1050 laptops, but I like thinness and at least cheap for my work stuff. I don't like gaming laptops hahaha.

    Awesome review there!

  6. Can you help me change mey backlit keyboard on the metabox prime-s p950hp plz

  7. Thanks for the review
    I have the attention to buy it in order to design issues not gaming (cinema 4d and 3d modelling) which they don't relay on the GPU that much. So do you recommend it?

  8. No reason today, to have such a crummy display viewing angles.

  9. ur unit dont have combination of fingerprint and win hello.. and is it touchscreen or just zenbook have that option? i like more vivobook s510 bcs of smaller bezels

  10. Is the TN display quality bad compared to other IPS display Laptops in this price range? I mostly use laptop for watching movies and recently need to buy one. So should I avoid this laptop or buy this one?

  11. Go to amazon check the laptops pic and u will find Asus saying “VIVID COLORS” for the screen
    ASus is the king of false adverts

  12. Hi! Would you recommend this laptop for auto cad, 3D modeling and rendering works?

  13. i just bought one an i5 7300hq and a gtx1050 with total available memory of 6gb, out of 6, 4 are shared to system and 2ddr5. so 2 gigs ddr5 and 4gigs shared memory. according to the nvidia driver system information.

    and it moves so fluid it doesnt even gets hot at all for what i use it for 3d rendering autocad blender3d.

  14. hi, I can not decide between the 17" and the 15", i like to work on bigger screen, but someone told me that battery life of 17" then to be shorter of the 15"….is there a big difference? will it be very difficult to carry it around? I won't carry it around frequently. I am going to use it for graphic and school.

  15. This is the M580VD EB-76. I have it. I love it. The screen is the only downside. Wish it was more vibrant. TN is lame. But not a deal breaker. Sleek, beautiful, compact design with mid range gaming capabilities. I only play Guild Wars 2, and it runs perfectly on high settings! Super snappy and fast. Handles just about anything u throw at it and multitasks with no problem. And it's more of a silver "champagne" color. Has the best audio I've ever heard on a laptop this slim!

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