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The new ROG Phone is every gamers dream phone – with an overclocked Snapdragon 845, 6″ AMOLED 90hz screen, and a rate of accessories including a Nintendo DS-style dock. This thing is awesome! Here’s my hands-on review.

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  1. I have seen a lot of it
    I need one
    And their ROG Strix Scar 2 laptop

  2. Goddamit I really wanted to know the pricing of this phone. Please inform if there’s any new update about this device, sir. Thank you.

  3. Goodbye gaming consoles. PS and XBOX games are about to be ported to mobile.

  4. This is the Ultimate Emulation phone "E.g PS1,all the Gameboy's etc"

    – Shoulder buttons

    – 90hz 1ms AMOLED display

    – Big 4000mAh battery

    – 3 USB-C ports AND a headphone jack

    – Stereo speakers

    – Optional Accessories for more buttons,Extra battery,Extra screens Tv

    -512gb Storage

    -Inbuilt Cooling and extra cooling

    -Internet and mobile/text unlike a Switch and with more games

  5. A pure gamer wont play games on the phone. Btw, nice cover. But i dont have time on that. A very good accessories cover.

  6. if I want to play I would rather buy PS4 it is cheaper has more power and better graphics… I see no sense in this phone… it want be much faster than the standard SD845 inside galaxy 9 plus and slower than the exynos anyway

  7. I am not a fan of mobile gaming. However, this has RoG branding and unapologetic RoG design elements so it has my interest

  8. One again tq Asus for making a new phone which i wont be able to buy

  9. I would actually consider buying this phone if it's officially going to be avail6 in Malaysia. I want one.

  10. Good thing, shooting the whole review in a comparatively brighter environment. I've seen you standing in the background of an another reviewer. The room was really dark, in their footage.

  11. Solved: Seems obvious it will cost $800-$900 w or without the cooler ending up in box.
    If even a CENT more the price will drop FAST.

    So there you go. Hopefully they scrap the cooler in the box & make it a nice upcharge as a change of mind for the phone's audience & more reasonable pricing.

  12. Try to play this phone in PPSSPP emulator and play DANTES INFERNO

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