Asus GM501 Zephyrus M – Cheaper AND Better!

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My review of the Asus Zephyrus M – GM501. The best gaming laptop from Asus for thin and light performance at a cheaper price.
Zephyrus M –

A powerful laptop i7-8750H with a GTX 1070 on a 144 Hz 3ms screen. This laptop has incredibly strong performance in a thin and light package. It now has a greatly improved keyboard and touchpad from the previous generation.

CPU Detail –

Fili – Pressing Forward

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  1. Another kick ass laptop – those fast screens are boss. I hope also you enjoyed the 720p food review =) Thanks for watching!

  2. Cheaper for who non real gamers that live off of mom and dads trust fund gtfo of here

  3. if you had to buy this, vs aero 15x vs gs65 as a daily driver, which would you pick

  4. Omg. I bought a Dell XPS 15 9550 for $3500 and regret it. I have a 960M. THIS THING HAS A 1080 FOR $2900. WTF.

  5. G-Sync doesn't reduce artifacting, it eliminates screen tearing.

  6. @5:08 "alot of the laptops in this segment just have 2 nvme drives". You're confusing nvme (fast speed) with m.2 (small form factor) here. While all nvme is m.2, not all m.2 is nvme. And since you're alluding to space saving, I think you we're referring to the m.2 form factor there.

  7. I was thinking about getting the acer predator helios 300, but this works better for me, although it is twice as much as the acer predator.

  8. Big bezels, ugly logo, still has the "Republic Of Gamer".

    That's a big nope for me ! Still planning to get the Dell 9570.

  9. i was considering this laptop but I need to do design and photo work… dangit got a better suggestion for color accuracy?

  10. I loved it 😛 i'm trying to upgrade my old HP Envy 17.3 Laptop (860M) to something super cool like this

  11. I would love to see EVGA make an updated SC17 with Slim bezels like the Gigabyte Aero in this class or laptop

  12. Hello please review the dell g3 laptop. I am waiting for ir.

  13. Hi Dave I wanted to ask which laptop is suitable for my budget is 2700-2900 and my need is that I need a gaming laptop

  14. Appeal estimate permission religious similar attempt arrangement.

  15. I dont trust Your reviews. i Got MSI 63 vr stealth …now MSi support refuses to fix all issues i got: overheat, gpu failures, mouse glitches, and even space bar bend … yes, they refuse to fix that saying it is normal. maybe in US there is no issues, but EU – this nb is a just a sh!t 🙂

  16. hmm if i want buy "good gaming" laptop for 1000$ i should wait for new releases this year or sth is already available and good?
    The newer laptops will be probly better but are they worth waiting?

  17. Dave, how would you compare this to the Asus Rog strix GL 503 scar edition? I got a chance to use one and I really liked it.

  18. Should i get the Asus Zephryus GM501 for great gaming performance or The MSI GS65?

  19. Hard to justify these latest laptops now… Need to wait until nvidia (finally) updates their cards this year… Feels like laptops have been stuck on the 10XX series a year too long.

  20. Can you do a review on the new Dell G series laptops for gaming?

  21. looking to buy a budget gaming laptop in the next month, your review would really help

  22. The MSI GS65 Stealth certainly has a lot going for it with its form factor, but this Laptop seems to have much more features for a gamer on the go. From write speeds to a wonderful gaming display this comes EXTREMELY close to what Desktops are like these days. This video pretty much solidified my choice on purchasing the Zephyrus M. Thanks much for such detailed comparisons and info for both PCs. 🙂

  23. Which one is better when heading for college, a gm501 or the GS65?

  24. The only reason I haven't bought a zephyrus (however you spell it) is because of their insistsnce on putting that "republic of gamers" motto on it :/ seems a bit cheesy to me.

  25. Does this laptop comes with dual channel DDR4 in the 16GB configuration? If not, I'll have to buy more Ram as single channel chops the performance up to 25% in some games.

  26. Is it upgradable? Can you open it and show if it can be upgraded? (Like add 16 gb more Ram and put 2nd SSD)

  27. nice review! any upcoming videos on the refreshed alienwares? (mainly i9 15 and 17 :D)

  28. Did you Review a 32GB RAM model or a16GB RAM Unit ? Because Asus is sending out Units with Dual Channel RAM at 32GB But Consumers Buying a 16GB Unit only get Single Channel RAM.

  29. Asus zephyrus m vs gl503vs scar? Which is better? Pls help me decide

  30. Question. I'm leaving Apple for the first time in my life, and I'm stuck between this and the MSI GS65. I've looked into the Aero 15x, but something just seems off to me.

    Things Most Important to me:
    1. Perfomance and Display Quality
    2. Build Quality
    3. Look
    4. I want to be able to connect this to a 144hz external monitor and without this having a Mini-display port, can I still do that?
    5. Future Proofing (As I do not trust myself to tamper with or change anything in a laptop)
    6. G Sync (Not too important to me, but nice to have)

    Battery life isn't too important, as my classes never run longer than 3 hours.

    I will be using it for my last year of University (15 hours a week) and gaming (most likely a lot more than that).

    I don't exactly like how gamer-ish this looks, but the MSI just looks like it could suffer from poor build quality.

    Lastly, I'm in Canada, so not all configurations are supported; therefore, I'm choosing between the Zephyrus (1070) with 256 SSD + 1 TB of HDD and the MSI GS65 with 1070 (Max-q) with only a 256 SSD and an inability to upgrade that.

    So, based on the above info, does anyone have any suggestions for me?

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