Apple Issues Update to Fix New 2018 MacBook Pro’s Throttle Problem

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Apple today responded to the throttling controversy surrounding the latest MacBook Pro models, noting that excessive performance degradation under extended workloads is the result of a software bug, with a fix rolling out now in the form of a Supplemental Update for macOS High Sierra 10.13.6.

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  1. Where's your test? I'm not interested in words, words, words.

  2. I wouldn’t mind seeing Apple move away from Intel in favor of, 1) their A Series for low power devices and, 2) possibly another manufacturer of high end RISC based CPUs for Mac Pros and other desktop Macs. I haven’t been impressed by Intel’s progress over the last few years, and I don’t have much confidence that they can meet their roadmap. The switch to Intel was great for Apple when it happened. It sells a lot of MacBooks. Not so sure it’s as relevant in 2018. Now that Apple has the money to invest, I wonder if another go with IBM would produce the desired results. Will Apple need a workstation class CPU when they start putting A series SoCs in MacBooks, or will they continue to buy a few Xeons from Intel for their Mac Pros and iMac Pros? I doubt Apple would ever go with another water cooled system, but I wouldn’t mind at all, in fact I’d prefer it if it helped high end Mac Pros run quite. Apple has done very well with the A Series SoCs. I’m sure they could do the same with the high end space if needed.

  3. Came here to figure out if the "FIX" they pushed even did anything. All i got was some dumbass explaining what I could have read on fucking TWITTER!! Ya mother fucking Twitter, waste of time crap video thxs you profit hungry cuck. Glad your hear to suck every ad sense cent u can get from this dieing trend.

    "Quick MacRumors team lets tell everyone what we already know but in our stupid ass voices so it seems different just to make a quick buck on those willing to actually watch this shit rather than reading a fucking social network post. GENUIS u guys just Genius!!"

    Greedy fuckers

  4. Just uploaded actual tests with the new firmware, and no it didn’t fix the overheating. The frequencies are more stabile but it still runs slower than the base i9 speeds under load.


  6. I used to want a Macbook Pro. I grew up using Apple computers at school in Southern California before the company decided to ditch "Computer" from their name. I loved the way their products looked and their (previous) attention to detail. When I first started out in my career, and started a family at the same, the price of Macs were a little out of reach. I saved money by building computers for my family. It gave me a deep perspective on the actual price of computer components and what to look for in a quality component. However, I always told myself I would get a Macbook Pro when I finally "made it," kind of like getting a Harley or a Corvette when you get older.

    Well now I can't stand what Apple has done to Macs, especially the Macbook Pro. Apple's computers have always been a little more expensive than Windows computers, but only by a couple of hundred dollars – on the high end. The "love and care" that went into Apple's computers used to justify the cost. Plus, Apple didn't cut (too many) corners in the past. They made high quality machines! Now, Apple has cut so many corners on their computers it's sad (making SSDs and RAM non-removable, using anemic GPUs, not providing adequate cooling for CPU/GPU in order to make products thinner, crappy keyboard design). At the same time Apple has jacked the price up on their computers to the point that they are ridiculously expensive. You are essentially paying well over $1000 more than a similarly equipped high end Windows PC, and in almost all cases the Windows PC is ridiculously faster.

    I used to envy people with Macbook Pros. Now I pity them. I'm well off now and I can afford to buy a well equipped Core i9 Macbook Pro if I wanted to, but I'm just not into throwing away my money. I'm not a video or sound editor, so I don't need a Mac for my livelihood. However, that doesn't mean that I don't feel sorry for the video and sound editors who are stuck with these things and are forced to pay more for less.

  7. I am so very thankful this got fixed I really enjoy the quietness of the Apple experience as I am so doggone tired of the windows fans and so I will sacrifice a little performance for quiet any day of the week. By the way I used to haul around Dell precision laptops and they were monsters.

  8. Holding off on updating my 2017 MBP 15", and really disappointed in the numbers. Was going to buy a $4100 config, but now thinking either the i7, or even, gasp no upgrade. All I need the machine for is ScreenFlow, but have not seen any tests using that app and 2018's.

  9. I believe the fix pushed by apple is nothing more than a manipulation. If you boot the mac book pro in safe boot the thermal throttling returns. Further more try the with other cpu intensive programs then the those being tested by youtuber you will see the spikes still exist. Best way to check it is using this method its command based rather than a program specific.

  10. So is it worth upgrading to an i9 from an i5 or just getting 2TB of storage

  11. I dont get it. How many are buying because of aesthetic reasons? Because this i9 is clearly problematic so why reward a company who sells you something you paid so much for that doesnt work to its fullest potential?

  12. Does anyone else feels like the battery is going down too fast ?
    I mean I expected for much more :O
    (2018 MacBook Pro, 13.3inches)

  13. What many are simply overlooking is it is quite apparent this machine & heatsink is clearly designed to handle up to an I7, quad-core and not a six core I9. No "software update" is going to remedy this , but I guess if you push the machine harder it is a bit of a band-aid to placate the poor sod that just plunked $3-$7k on one of these appliances. Will be interesting to see how quickly these machines burn themselves up. Should be quite a short-lived machine I suspect.

  14. While there may have been a software issue exacerbating the problem in these machines, I find it hard to believe that such a thin laptop could include a Core i9 without throttling under heavy workloads. The heat output of a 6 core processor just can't be tamed by a cooling system designed more to keep the laptop thin than to actually cool it.

  15. I have the new one with the 32gig. My sound keeps popping when there is a notification. It also cuts out on youtube a lot. Anyone has a solution? Kinda sad cuz the speakers sound so good but the popping and sound cutting out is so annoying.

  16. According to the head of the mac fan boys website, the un-officialy sales department of apple, everything is just finnneeeee again!! All the people who DO know what they are talking about, and SHOW what bullshit that is, get banned for life on the macrumors website. That should say enough! But if youre still doubting about the truth, and the payed advertisements on macrumours, read (or look) all about it!!

    For the truth :
    Minder weergeven


  17. Why everybody is repeating the same and the same.. "20% better" blablablabla… Has any of you checked vids from Max Yuryev? Rather babbling, he actually shows something real. Still hot as a f*** * and doesn't even maintain the base clock speed.

    Good that you are happy with your purchase. I don't see any reason to buy a laptop that run hot and the cooling system is definitely not designed for i9. If you bother to check intel's specs, there is a small print "Thermal velocity Boost feature … increase the clock speed … if the processor is at a temperature 50 C or lower and… The frequency gain is dependent on …. the processor cooling solution." <— Like inside a thin chassis that cannot cool enough?

  18. Sorry but all they did was throttle down the processor….
    Expecting a hardware thermal fix to come from a software update without a hit in performance is laughable.

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