AMD RYZEN 3 1200 vs Pentium G4600 vs i3 6100: Best $100 CPU for Gaming & Editing?!

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AMD has officially launched the Ryzen 3 series CPUs – 4C/4T CPUs for around $100. Today, I have a look at the Ryzen 3 1200 and battle it against the Pentium G4600 and i3 6100 in CPU benchmarks and gaming benchmarks.

Is it worth it? Let’s find out.

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USA – Intel Core i3:

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1) 1300X Base Clock is 3.5 GHz NOT 3.4
2) 11:22 – Y Axis Should Say “SCORE – HIGHER IS BETTER”
3) 7:22 THROUGH 12:18 – R3 1200 should be @ 3.8 NOT 3.9
4) Handbrake benchmark should be 1080p to 1080p. NOT 720p to 1080p.

~Time Stamps~
Intro – 0:00
1200 & 1300X Specs – 0:25
Ryzen 3 Competitors – 1:23
i3 & Pentium Specs – 1:58
RAM Speed – 2:22
Graphics Card, Final Test Benches & Why – 3:30
Overclocking – 4:07
Temperatures – 4:28
CPU Benchmarks (Cinebench R15, Blender, Handbrake, Vegas Pro, Dolphin) – 4:48
720p/1080p Gaming Benchmarks (3DMark, BF1, CSGO, GTA V, Overwatch, Prey, PUBG, R6S) – 6:57
Power Consumption – 12:17
Price/Performance – 12:38
Final Thoughts & My Recommendation – 14:45

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  1. is the pre-applied thermal paste it comes with good enough? or should I remove it and apply my mx-4 ? I have a ryzen 3 1200

  2. Amd vs intel amd is cheap so amd won

    Amd vs nvidia nvidia won as these are cheap in india

  3. your cs go benchmark is so flawed.The g4600 avg is inflated because you recorded the fps inside of tunnels where the fps is way higher , the i3 6100 should have a higher avg framerate than the g4600.

  4. +OzTalksHW can the Zotac GTX 1050 ti OC edition and the AMD Ryzen 3 1200 run CS:GO in online gameplay in all high settings preset while recording or streaming. Can I still get 100+FPS with that? Thanks if you still answer's my question!

  5. Imagine a pisonet powered by ryzen 3.damn that a good deal for pisonet players

  6. Nice job ! Thx for good benchmark and for me G4620 gonna be better than R3 1200 and i3 6100 !

  7. The only Intel "budget" CPU with an unlocked multiplier is the i3 7350k, which really isn't all that "budget". And there's the G3258

  8. hi i am a newbie here , can i know what software using can show out the cpu and gpu information when playing game? can it show the temperature too?

  9. Love the vids on budget hardware. Just recently upgraded from a 8320 to a 1300x, myself. I have it paired with a 3gb 1060. Great 1080p machine and awesome entry level VR performance

  10. .. i have a question ! what did u meant by r3 1200 @3.9??

  11. How long will the am4 stay? Am I futureproof if I buy a motherboard with that socket?

  12. In Slovakia the g4560 costs 50€ and the ryzen3 1200 costs 100€, so is the ryzen worth it?

  13. You have a brazilian here! Hehehehe

    My friends recommended to me buy a Ryzen 3 if edit and render videos are in my plans, or execute programs like AutoCAD. If my objective is gaming performance, the best choose is called Intel.

  14. Who else have gotten a seizure when the standart clocked Ryzen kicked Intels butt in Overwatch? ( Joke question, not favouring any side )

  15. thx this helped me a lot pls keep doing videos like this u r awesome

  16. pentium is much cheaper and i choose it over ryzen because it gives me more options to upgrade to an i5 in the future. the i3 looks pretty useless here though compared to the cheaper pentium and amd

  17. In My Country, G4600 + B250 vs. Ryzen 3 + A320 price different is just 2.5$. So which pair is your recommendation? The Ryzen3 set right?

  18. I'd like to know if i can run PUBG at least on low settings. I got a rx 560 2gb and an intel g4600

  19. I am a BIG fan of Intel. My friend asked me to look for a 800 dollar PC Setup. I looked for a good one (including a monitor). While I was looking for parts, I chose the Intel pentium G4600. The total was 798 dollars and I was like "Let me configure this cart". Instead of a 2 TB HDD, I used a 1 TB HDD. And then, I was having an internal content of if I should get the Ryzen 3 1200. the Ryzen 3 1200 had a motherboard included for only 150 dollars. Putting the Ryzen instead of the Intel will still stay stuck in my head. FOREVER.

  20. Why would you buy a motherboard that can't overclock a Ryzen???

  21. what motherboard (the cheapest!!) should i buy for g4600? im will play pubg, overwatch,csgo

  22. Obviously Ryzen 3. It even stays cooler with a stock wraith fan compared to either of the Intel that have liquid coolers.

  23. i just wonder in cpu intensive games if the Ryzen 3 will have less stuttering than the Pentium or the i3's have

  24. i just wonder in cpu intensive games if the Ryzen 3 will have less stuttering than the Pentium or the i3's have

  25. So will my R3 1200 @ 3.1ghz start outperforming the G4560-G4600, and i3 dual core lineup, when more games start using more cores and threads?
    Thanks in advance

  26. A shame AMD CPUs are so shit for Dolphin emulation, otherwise they would be the better buy for a new CPU for my sister. lol

  27. Great video no bull shit just straight to the point your ganna be a big YouTuber one day

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