AMD Ryzen 2 Benchmarks – 2700x – Don’t Expect 5ghz – Efficiency At 12nm

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FYI: Ryzen 7 2000 is Cheaper Than Previously Reported

2700X – 329$
2700 – 299$
2600X – 229$
2600 – 199$


  1. Some tech channels are disappointed in Ryzen 2. Do you think Ryzen is a failure?

  2. Ryzen is about price to performance, and core count.
    If you're just gaming go for an 8700k… but if you're streaming at 6k bitrate in x264, keep your eye on Ryzen.

  3. With all the editing I do, Ryzen was the perfect choice over the X299 platform. AM4 will be good until 2020, so I can keep upgrading every year and make some great gains without replacing my mobo! #AMD

  4. Ryzen refresh is not too bad. I think people forget about Intel milking us for 6 years

  5. No offense 2 all, but i think 4.4ghz won't happen, and this is a realistic prediction, they still need to get binning and the zen core moved to 12nm and what if something bad happens it might and im just worried, like vega 64… UPDATE: And i'm also suffering with barely updated, buggy bios which bsods a lot and can't install my dgpu radeon drivers, for my rx470 with 2200G, so i am suffering on a Biostar X370 Racing M-ITX board… Its nice platform and idea its just really raw so far.

  6. Ten percent improvement doesn’t necessarily equate to four hundred megahertz improvement. Other things maybe holding them up from dialing up the speed. I think AMD is on the right track. If you have to have the highest performance then the top of the line Intel processor makes sense. Performance comes at a steep price. If you want smooth performance and low price then Ryzen wins. Just don’t expect both highest frequency and cheap prices for now.

  7. 5ghz??? you crazy or what??? i will be happy and many others if ryzen 2xxx hit 4,5ghz on air !! 5ghz is like telling that Superman,Iron Man,Spiderman ,avengers exist in this world

  8. If you thought there was a chance of 5ghz may be possible you are an idiot. Amd has said ~10% clock increase for at least 6 months. They also said cache latency improvement. Thus you should see ~ 15% improvement in performance.

  9. It really doesnt matter if these ever catch up to intel. There is a limit to silicon and its coming soon. They are going to have to shift anyway. In the mean time they are the budget king. 8700k if you want high refresh rate gaming.

  10. Are you retarded? even newborn children know that already… LOL

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