AMD Radeon RX 560 in 5 of the NEWEST games 2018 Review!

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Gigabyte Gaming RX560 4 GB is a great budget buy in 2018. Turns out this little guy is a decent little GPU even if it’s graphics chip is the size of a Toonie.

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  1. You are being dick to answer like that to someone tells you he enjoys your content, you Timmy Joe are the most painful youtube reviewer on history because you unexpectedly yell laud and then low your tone. its the weirdest thing I've seen.. so bye from too unsubscribing because you showed how dick you are and I don't support dicks

  2. Hey timmy Joe. I made a ryzen 5 2400g build. What would be a good "future proof" GPU for this kind of build. Appreciate your work

  3. I read enough negative review on Steam to understand why people do not like Wolfenstein 2. It a big mix of lies and deceived, being "causal" game play, to them complaining their system wasn't optimize, and the infamous SJW review.

  4. Wolfenstein was the most fun game of 2017 for me 🙂 good balance of humor and gore

  5. I almost bought the 560 but i ended up going with the 1050 because it was cheaper. Kinda regret it now because I later got a freesync monitor.

  6. Just in case he didn't say it, they nerfed this card and it's basically a shittier expensive 460 rebranded.

  7. It was a time when at 170$ you got the rx470 that just kick this thing rip gpus

  8. Legend says that Timmy Joe mined bitcoin on that card after the review.

  9. idk bro had a gigabyte rx 460 2gb paid 100 usd for it picked up a 2gb 960 strix for 115 and overclocked the shit out of it. way better card overall and seemed to run alot cooler than the 460 and way quieter under full load

  10. ive got a rx560 saphire pulse 4gb in myne,goes well,i get 60fps max on high and dippes to 42fps on heavy load, slightly overclocked less,but it was this,or a gt 1030 at the time,but gonna go for a gtx 1060 6gb or annee card when it comes out

  11. You have sli of gtx 480? I want to watch a video of the performance.Please.

  12. This is why I love Timmy Joe PC Tech. It's like a one man show, but demolish the content into every topic. Keep it awesome.

  13. Timmy' you edit your videos with Volume changes all over the place, which put the viewer in constant need to up the volume when you talk and then lower it when music is played. Please balance your Volume editing correctly, so no need from viewer side to change it in the middle of the video. compress the dynamic range you use if you understand what I mean…


  15. I got mine with pcie power connector to 1475 on stock voltage, i dont know how but its perfectly stable (furmark for 6 hours) but that poor hynix ram cod only +20 mhz

  16. I have all three. Feesync moniter I just picked uop a new 560 for 124.95 i got lucky because ive been looking for like a month. 560 i like it.

  17. is this the cut down version???? 560D4SFG5 that's the one i just bought. buck twenty five. but this video scared me and made me think…

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