Alienware 17 R5 Gaming Laptop Review

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With a 17-inch display and a chassis weighing in at nearly 10 pounds, the Alienware 17 R5 is truly massive. It’s thick, heavy, and incredibly sturdy. In most cases, a laptop of this size would be completely impractical for everyday use — if it weren’t packed to the gills with the most powerful hardware on the market.

Alienware threw everything it could at this laptop, cramming a 6-core Intel Core i9 processor in there, along with 32GB of RAM, and a GTX 1080 graphics card. It’s certainly outfitted like a gaming desktop so let’s find out if it performs like one.



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  1. Wish i had i love gaming.. but, my family is poor to afford one..

  2. Thermals???? We needs them…

  3. 98 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is not a Laptop, that Sir is a MONSTER!!! 🙂

  4. If I turnoff G syn will I get longer battery life ?

  5. i am wait for gtx 2080ti and drr5 laptop and latest refresh rate and then i am finally buy laptop

  6. very shallow piece not really dealing the info we like on gaming laptops

  7. in todays day and age where gaming pc brands are becoming ridiculously abundant alienware needs to step it up, the thermal problems with this laptop prevented me from making the purchase. i really wanted it but i dont feel like having to fix a brand new 4000 dollar laptop myself

  8. I'm really happy I returned the gs65 stealth for the Alienware 17 I'm really happy with its performance.

  9. Any gaming laptop review without addressing what kind of thermals the product is running at with gaming/synthetic workloads cannot be taken seriously because it is a HUGE problem in this category.

  10. Pretty poor review. You didnt have any more minutes on that camera?lol

  11. Bezels….Bezels… Enough with that gay $h!t. Oooh it should be sleek…ooooh it should be lightweight… All these Mac Gays should understand that keeping monster machines slim and light would mean poor cooling system. Which results in poor life of the product and ultimately a waste of money.

  12. I'm due to get mine in a couple of weeks and still watching these videos in anticipation. I have to say though.. Some of the points are a little off especially the port selection. No mention of the graphics amplifier port, and there really isn't a great amount of ports, everyone acknowledges that, even me when buying one, it was my main gripe aside from the weight. Yeah it has thunderbolt and type C but on something that big, having the same amount of ports as the 13/15 inch models isn't a great amount.

  13. One thing I will say is make sure if you get an NVMe SSD, that it’s in the right slot (marked “PCIe SSD only”). I haven’t tried SATA SSDs in the slot, but I’m pretty sure the slot’s marked that way for a reason. On mine, the 512 GB NVMe drive was slotted in the other 2280 slot so I had to move it over to the specifically marked slot so I could have a SATA SSD in the other slot. Also, many people may not know this, but it also has an M.2 2242 slot as well, so you could fit one of the smaller M.2 SSDs (up to 512 GB) in that one, and I’m fairly certain it has other uses as well.

  14. Threw everything they could? No disk drive, no card reader, only 2 usable USB ports and a 3rd usable if you're lucky, all this and more for close to 4k dollars before discounts. Everything I said can be solved with externals. But if I'm paying that much money for a flagship machine, I shouldn't have to buy more.

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