Aero 15X – An AWESOME Gaming Laptop For Creators

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My review of the Gigabyte Aero 15X gaming/workstation laptop with the new generation of 6 core CPUs. This is the best gaming laptop from Gigabyte for creatives!
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The updated Aero 15X in 2018 is a great addition to Gigabyte’s lineup. With an all new 8th gen Intel 6-core CPU – the i7-8750H with a 144Hz screen, NVIDIA GTX 1070 Max-Q graphics and a great battery. This is a strong alternative option to the MacBook Pro, Dell XPS 1570 and MSI GS65

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  1. Honestly, I dont think 16gb in one stick is a good idea. Believe or not the 2*8gb dual channel will boost ur GPU dramatically. Not everyone needs 32GB.

  2. I agree.. the keyboard is horrible.. It will make you dislike using this laptop.. I never had a laptop I disliked purely because of the keyboard (width an inch narrower overall , and the key is soft with a hard landing feels like has no cushion). and yes the touch pad is Skippy. And then the bezel, don't be fooled, the lower bezel is nearly 2 inch. and without any reason. A simple change to the screen hinge to being on the outside instead of the middle would have saved 1 inch off the laptop, rt now that inch holds no components, just pointless protrusion.

  3. Hi David, a key piece of information I think you should include in the review which you have missed out.

    You mentiond that the screen is 144hz but does not have G-Sync. I think potential purchasers should be aware that Nvidia Optimus is NOT competiable with G-Sync. Having G-Sync forces the GPU to be always on, which will mean that even when you are not doing anything intensive on the laptop, your battery will die flat out in 1-2 hours.

    Intel integrated gpu's are not compatible with G-Sync.

    So I think it is a great thing that this laptop does NOT have G-Sync. It makes the laptop far more versatile.

  4. What should I look for when buying a laptop as a Mechanical Engineering student? I will be using Solidworks, Ansys and Matlab. I will not be using the laptop for gaming purpose. What would be a good laptop around US$1000?

  5. Hey Dave, on the notebookcheck review, they say the FHD panel is 60% adobeRGB, you say 78%. Maybe they made a type mistake? I need to know, because I am going to need this 78%, as I plan to buy this, for creative work too. Thanks!

  6. Dave I need Your help, advice, anything… Please!
    I am NOT technical guy but..
    I want to buy a laptop that I can play simracing games with oculus rift, simracing wheel and pedals (probably fanatec)
    I want to compatibility all these parts
    I have very little time to decide and have around 2000$ for laptop
    Can You split up Your experience and knowledge
    Whick would You buy for Your money reccomend, prefer? Please help me, please answer!

  7. Im looking for a laptop to do graphic design on it but at the same time do some gaming, i find this laptop perfect but its out of my price range that is 1500$ any alternative suggestions? Thanks!

  8. Hello Dave, how you doing? anyway, I just got this HP Spectre Rechargeable Keyboard 1000 from amazon. I tried to do some research about the keyboard before I bought it but I couldn't find anyway review online. I think you should give it a shot since you're like the best at keyboard review 🙂

  9. Small zero key in the numpad so no good for fast numerical data entry.

  10. I just want to point out that the idle fan noise is completely user adjustable through Smart Manager, and this keyboard even has an Fn+ESC function to swap between user defined fan profiles. I routinely rotate between silent and maximum profiles if gaming or working.

    You and Linus are my go-to for laptop reviews, but I do find it odd that you'll admit a poor trackpad driver can likely be fixed with a software update, but not reference the fan controlling software that comes installed. Is the minimum setting still too audible on this model, or has it not been adjusted?

    I'm also curious, is the right shift key not drastically dimmer than all other keys on your test models? I have yet to hear this complaint from any YouTube product reviewers. For me, the placement of the "0" Num pad key and even the poorly colored/illunimated right shift key (as my 15W has), are far more of a nuisance than a slightly audible idle.

    It may be the difference in processors/models/oppinions, but my 15W idles at about 20% fan speed which isn't audible to me unless I put my ear up to the keyboard.

    In any event, I'm sending back my 15W because the 'o' key often double-taps, probably about every third stroke, and pre-ordering this 15X V8. I appreciate the reviews and the effort you put into the production. On point.

  11. "You have to basically toss both of them"

    Yeah because used PC parts markets aren't a thing right. You can sell your old ram in seconds on ebay and get substantial value back. Why would you say something so dumb just to try to disguise the single 16gb stick as some great financial benefit, when a reviewer like you HAS to know its no advantage at all because you can easily buy 32gb of generic ddr4 sodimm and sell the 2x8gb sticks in most laptops and be left with an out of pocket cost still equal (or probably even less) than a 16gb stick of that Gskill.

  12. Is a 2kg laptop light enough to be carried in a messenger bag?

  13. Thank You for this review, been trying to decide between the new MSI GS65 and this, i gear more towards content creation and the SD card reader really did it for me, along with the more solid build. I don't mind the looks so much, but the MSI definately looks better. I'll be coming off a retina MBP, wondering if the 1080p screen is gonna be a big difference, dont plan to game much on the laptop screen itself, will plug into and external panel for that at home. mostly using the device for work while mobile, should i just get the 4k screen?

  14. When is the gm501 review coming?
    I'm buying a new laptop! Make the review asap

  15. Dave seems finally happy with this laptop, is like watching Gordon Ramsay happy and not yelling and saying bad words lol

  16. Hi I am currently moving to college and what is best gaming laptop under $1000 in April 2018. I will also do 3d rendering.

  17. Amazing content! BTW, what do you think about the Alienware 15 r3 with i7 7700hq 16gb ram 256gb ssd gtx 1070 1tb hdd 60hz ips gsync? I can get it for about 1500usd. I'll be using it for Premiere Pro 4k editing on the go and some games. Or should I get a laptop with a newer cpu and portable for 2300usd. I just think that the Alienware is a bargain for that price.

  18. Thanks for making a video on this laptop. I've been looking for a mobile gaming rig for almost 4 years. My last laptop was the alienware m11x. I had that laptop for years loved the battery life, but as with any laptop they don't play video games well unplugged, well not AAA games. Laptops don't have the voltage to push out the frames like it can plugged in. I love the new Aero 15x and MSI GS65, they are laptops that can game, I bet though we will be hearing a lot of complaints about hot laptops or thermal throttling with those two. I think if your really looking for something you can carry with you to another location then game the Asus wins. If your looking for a laptop that can edit videos or watch movies then go with the other 2 good choices. If your buying a "gaming laptop" then your going to need a plug no way around it. The Asus is a gaming laptop. It's not trying to be a compromise. It has the best gaming screen, it has the best GPU, it has the best thermal dissipation. I hate the "evil eye" though, come on Asus you really need to drop the eye thing most 12 year old kids don't have $2200 buck to buy a top end laptop. Even with the eye on the lid I still bought this out of the three, although it was a really tough choice.
    Keep making great videos Dave!

  19. Please review the XPS 15 9570 and give your impression vs this Aero 15x for gaming capabilities.

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